Monday, June 25, 2012

Manga and Romance Blog Hop Wrap-Up and Winners!!

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (Anime)


Hi readers!! How is everyone today? Hopefully you guys are doing great!  I wanted to extend a few a hugs and some thank you shout outs before I announced the winner of my blog prize.

Thanks so much to Hayley B. James for setting all this up and in my opinion the hop was a success! I hope she'll be up to doing this again next year, because I had a lot of fun, and met a few new faces. :D  Also a BIG THANK YOU to the readers!  You guys are awesome and without you, none of us would have blogs. LOL. Unless we wanted to talk to ourselves, which I do anyways. So, I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Just kidding! Sorta. Haha, okay, okay moving on. Thanks again everyone.

I figured I would go ahead and post the GRAND PRIZE winner for the entire hop first. So congratulations to:


and the crowd goes wild....(does whispery cheer) LOL. Congrats you lucky betch! (Yes, I said that.) Talk about a mad swag round up. Merry Christmas to Amilyn? Something like that. :D

Now onto the winner of my $20 Barnes and Noble Gift Card.  *Drum roll* And the winner is:


I will be emailing you with your prize today! Enjoy!  Thanks again to everyone else that participated and be on the lookout for something special (maybe another contest??? Hmm.) later this summer.

For readers that follow my ongoing stories, quick update:

We will be returning to regular posts now that the blog hop has finished. 

Tomorrow Night: Yes, Master 15.2

Also I'm looking for people interested in doing another round of Blogs of Note. If you have a blog that you'd like featured here, or another blog that you would like to see featured (preferrably M/M or erotic fiction), email me at

This time around I would like to do a full interview with the blogger featured, so if that interests you, and you're looking to gain audience members, EMAIL ME. :D Have a great day guys and thanks!!!



  1. Congrats to Amilyn and Reagan. I have one request if you can fit it into your schedule.

    More Fangmail, pretty please!

  2. Haha, more FangSpace on the way, I promise!! :D

  3. *\o/* weeeeee! Yay me!! :D thanks so much T1, I'm officially excited! Off I go to shop ;)

    ♥ R

  4. Thanks so much!! I'm tickled to death about this! Loving all the great books!