Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fill In The Blank WInner and FANGSPACE!!!




Now here's the thing, NO ONE guessed all four answers correctly. So I had to give the prize to the only person that answered three of the four blanks correctly.  Lol.
The answers were: 1.A 2. A 3.C 4.C

I have emailed the winner and will post a yummy teaser to facebook for you all to squirm over

I'll post something either tomorrow night or this weekend about what my punishment shall be. :D Cliff, you better be good to me. *points finger*

Thanks for participating everybody and I hope you had fun.  Now onto the main attraction:


Welcome to another round of FANGSPACE.  To all of you just joining us, I shall explain.  FANGSPACE is the social networking site for vampires only and each territory has their own private forum.  This is a small look at your favorite characters in a different light.  So sit back and enjoy and also, I've been told to refrain from drinking beverages while reading.  You might laugh. :D  Be warned: None of this is to be taken seriously. Do not complain or get offended in any way because it is all in good fun.  The crew might rag on your favorite celebrities or show stars in a VERY opinionated manner.  So just chill your usual views on ice and have fun. Thanks!


CADENCE HIGHTOWER HAS UPDATED HIS STATUS:  Fuck, Marry, Kill anyone?  Alright, alright, I'll go first!  Fuck: The Rock. Marry: David Duchovny. Kill? Hmmm. Prolly Michelle Dugger. Bitch is creating an army of darkness. Close your legs you forever pregnant female.  Don't you get tired of that kitchen and those jean skirts?
CHLOE VALJANA HAS COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Oh my God! Bwahaha the Duggers!  No way would I pop out that many kids, so don't get any ideas Mr. Valjana. (I know you're watching.)  So fuck, marry, kill huh? Let's see, if I wasn't with my gorgeous mate (stop gripping the screen Valjana) I'd prolly let Eric Bana take me for a ride.  Uh yum.  Marry?  Oh that's easy, Jared Padalecki from Supernatural.  He's super cute and he'd be like the chocolate lab of husbands.  All soft and cuddly.  Then manly at times, like he's good with a shotgun and fighting demons.  Ahhhh yea.  So kill?  I hate this commerical!  This onesie woman deserves to get whacked. Seriously:


MICAH DERENGER COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: I'd only let the Rock fuck you if I could watch. Hahahahaha. Yeah right.  If he touched wouldn't be pretty.  But two can play at this game right? Fuck? I'd fuck Gerard Butler so hard he'd never walk again.  So there baby.  In your face.  Marry? Ed Westwick for sure.  He's hot and seems to have it together and has a sexy voice. I'd never get tired of him. :)  Kill?  That's easy, Rebecca Black.  'We so excited' for what comes after Friday?  You know what that is?  Saturday you ignorant female.

In case you have never seen this dumb school girl in action:

In case you have no idea who this man below is (ROFL):

NINA GERARD COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: This was an excellent idea Cade.  It's been a long day and I needed this, so thank you!  Fuck: Josh Holloway from Lost (aka Sawyer). Even with the small ponytail, I always found myself VERY attracted to him.  And he was always getting wet and yes...well. Nevermind.  Marry: I've forever thought that Dylan McDermott was beautiful.  He just has that husband vibe. Kill: Recently I took up watching Mob wives.  If you haven't seen it yet, I assure you it is the most entertaining thing I have ever watched.  Like dangling steak in front of a hungry lioness, these women pounce on each other with gusto!  It's amazing but there is this one creature that pops up on the show every now and then.  She is absolutely terrifying and that's saying something...I'm a vampire for cryin out loud.  SO I give you Big Ang:
GHOST COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Fuck: Daniel Walker,  Marry: Daniel Walker, Kill: This thing....

?ROWEN GERARD HAS COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Fuck? Ghost in the head with a shotgun.  Marry? I'd marry my foot with Ghost's ass.  Kill? Ghost.  Dead. Deader than dead. Colder than ice kind of dead.   Okay now that we got that out of the way, who would I fuck?  Luke Pasqualino from Skins. Oh mah lawd, grrranimals I want in those man panties.  Saucy little mother fucker.
Who would I marry? see, I've always had this thing for Rupert Everett. I think he would have been ideal as my husband had I not already acquired my pet (love you shnookums ha. haha. hahhahaha. He hates that one).  I think I first fell in love with Everett that one time when I watched My Best Friend's Wedding and there was that scene where Rupert sang and then those wretched twins started in and then there was a dancing lobster. Yep, totally husband material. And kill? Oh that's still Ghost. Don't worry mate, I wouldn't replace you with anyone else.  ;)

KING VALJANA HAS COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Eric Bana? That's who you'd fuck baby? Seriously? Psshhh. Yeah, good luck with that.  Trust me babycakes, i'm bigger. *brow waggle* Okay, here goes. Fuck: Charlize Theron.  In the bed, in the car, in the kitchen, in the street, on the roof, with green eggs and ham. I'd tap that.  Marry: Paula Deen.  I would overlook the fact that she could be my grandmother for that food. Good God, sometimes I sit there and watch her cook on Food Network and I swear to you, I can taste the butter in my mouth and then I get all ha...yep not going there. Last but not least...Kill: Tom Cruise.  The man is up to something, I just know it. With all this business with his cult of Scientology or whatever, I feel that he has replaced Oprah as the underground leader of the world and plans a takeover of the human race.  I found this as proof:

MAGGIE COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Hi everyone. ☺ I wanted to put my answers up if that's alright.  If it's not, tough cookies. I'm doing it anyways.  Who I would I like to sleep with? McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy.  Patrick Dempsey is the epitome of male beauty. With that full head of  wavy hair and those beautiful eyes, I bet he's just a stud in bed.  Swoon. Le Sigh.  Who would I like to marry? Donald Trump, just so I could get close enough to shave his head while he was sleeping. :D  Who would I kill? The Zombies.  Have you seen the news lately? All these people dismembering bodies and eating the limbs and organs.  Then you have the man that ate someone's face off in public! So I called up my old gal pal Liz and we decided that it was necessary to get back in the game.  She sent me this in response:
Love you betch. xoxo Liz

JONAH MARCUM COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Fuck: Jason Statham.  The reasoning behind that is rather obvious but for those of you that are idiots, I'll remind you of his smoking British accent, his no non-sense 'I don't give a fuck' attitude, and let's not forget about how damn sexy his body is.  Who would i marry? No one.  Not ever. Not ten years from now.  Never ever never. Now that we have that out of the way, who would I kill? I'm well versed in the art of death and have used my skills many times over, so this hypothetical scenerio is meaningless when I could really do it if I wanted to.  *eye roll* But if I must choose, then I would pick the most recent addition to the media's parade of lunatics.  Tanning Mom.
I mean, oh my everloving God!  Why?  And then to drag your tiny ginger child into your addiction?  There is a special place in hell for you, Tanning Mom.  And whyyyyyy, does this child look like Danny Bonaduce? Anyone? 

GEORGE COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Hello there. This is my first time commenting but I was urged by a...uh friend to try out the social networking scene. So here I am. I think I might be a bit out of touch with the whole celebrity scene but if I were to copulate with anyone it would be Michelle Pfeiffer.  Even in her seasoned years she manages to keep a youthful appearance and that smile.  Wow, she has a beautiful smile.  I believe she would be a fun companion for the evening. :) If I were to marry someone? I think I'd care to marry someone like Katie Couric.  I've always thought she was just a wonderfully rounded woman.  Smart, pretty, and genuinely caring for others around her, I think she would make an excellent mother or grandmother.  She would just be a prime catch as a wife.  Who I would like to kill? In the past few years, I have watched Mel Gibson's fast decline to rock bottom with a grimace.  Why is he like this?  Is it the alcohol or his poor taste in women?  Is it his love of racism and hand puppets?  Frankly, I really don't care but I do know that no grown ass man should ever have a picture like this:

It's not funny, it's not cute, and it doesn't even make sense as a role in a movie. He looks cracked out and haggard and I think it's high time we just end him.  Oh and burn that scary ass puppet.  Thank you.

DANIEL WALKER COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Hi guys and gals!!!! I love this game. *big smile* Who would I let give it to me? DUH, Ian Somerhalder. Hands down the sexiest mofo around. Those eyes? UnghghgndslkSdf;DJLfs :oDS.FJm.  Yep.  Oh and Ghost, no fucking way bro.  Unless you want your tiny amigo in a blender, I wouldn't even think about it. :)  Marry?  Pshh, done. Zac Efron. Boom in your face, best husband ever. He'd make me dinner and then walk around the house in all his glory while I watched re-runs of Golden Girls and then he'd spoon feed me chocolate pie while giving me...oh yeah.  *sparkle eyes plus squeal* Kill? Lindsay Lohan.  What the hell happened to you girl?  Seriously, you were like all super cute and then someone touched you in a dark room and made you do a line or something because you turned a hoe one eighty overnight.  I'm all for you hooking up with chicks but no means no girl.  Not only did you become an overnight Samantha Ronson sensation, you turned orange, developed Cleptomania, and went blonde? Yuck. (Not that I don't like blondes, my Pomeranian. Muah.) As I was saying Lindsay, I'm sorry but I've seen too much and I know that it's only going to get worse.  One day we're going to find you sprawled out with your ugly drawers on, slumped over a dead donkey in the middle of Tijuana, with a sign around your neck that says "Will do the macarena for a chocolate chip cookie." No one wants to see that.    Or this...

HILL COMMENTED ON CADENCE HIGHTOWER'S STATUS: Fuck: Carrie Underwood. *shrugs* She looks good beating the shit out of vehicles.  You want a baseball bat for your birthday Nina?   Marry: Sandra Bullock  That poor woman needs a man that will treat her right.  Gorgeous female.  (But not as beautiful as you baby. xo) Kill? The Wiggles.  Ever since Isaac has been in the house, he totally watches it. I don't care how little he is...he's like in a trance when they come on.  Us? Not so much.  What Isaac sees:
What responsible adults see:

Hell no.

NOVA MONTESEGO UPDATED HIS STATUS:  I don t undersstAND helllo? Can yoiu hear me? HEEEEEEEEEEEllo?????
KNOXTIAN MONTESEGO UPDATED HIS STATUS: For the love of God, Nova get off the 'magic light box'.  It is a computer, not the phone, or the 'ringing box'.  Fuck.  Forgive Nova, we're still working on his introduction to the twenty first century. At least I can understand it this time.  Onto more important things, who would I fuck?  Justin Beiber.  I would teach that little punk who's boss.  Cover him in candy shell syrup and shackle him to the wall.  Shit would go down for real.  Ah yeah. 
Who would I marry? I don't commit.  To ANYONE but because this is a fictitious arrangement then I would choose Evan Rachel Wood. Why? Because she's a secret freak.  I know it, you know it, and none of us are pretending we don't.  We could lay in bed and consume Swedish Fish naked all day long until we ran out and then she'd go fetch me more.  Then when I was full of candy, I'd make her read to me from the dictionary while I spanked her stupid.  Every day.  To be immortal would suddenly be very worth it. 

Onto Kill.  How about Kim Kardashian?  I am more than sick of her ugly mug.  *squeaky little voice* Ohhh mah Gawwd Chloe *clucks tongue* you like should sooooo wear those pumps with that skirt because it makes your ass smaller.  Oooohhhh mahhhh Gawwwd is that a broom? Like what do I do with thiiissss? *clucks tongue* Ooooohhhh maaahh Gawwwddd you want me to go out with Kanye for a million dollars? *opens mouth and blinks a few times then clucks tongue* Okayyyy but if he wants a second date, I want a ferrari.  Chris's people never got me a ferrari.  *clucks tongue and blinks into space for a good minute*  Later girls! I need to like go buy more shoes and dresses that match my skin tone. 
I want to throw her in a pit of rotweilers.  Maybe then she'd move her spoiled lazy ass. Fuck.

CADENCE HIGHTOWER UPDATED HIS STATUS: ROFL WOW.  You guys are like Hahahaha. Night everyone and thanks!



  1. So cute! Knox and Justin it wrong to fantasize him being taught a lesson?

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  2. My eyes are running right now after laughing so much.... After a bad day this was just what I needed. :)
    I didn't win, I only got 1 correct,LOL, Congrats to Cliffgirl!!
    Thanks for such great entertainment Night, I loved the liz part with maggie,LOL

  3. This was to funny just what I needed after the past 2 days I had. My only hope is at the end Knox drains Justin dry.

    Congrats CliffGirl.

  4. LOL!!! I love this Night :D Made my day. Can't get enough of fangspace. And hey Hill, stop hating on the Wiggles. Isaac can watch whatever he wants...... (looks back at the picture) ahhh, Cade.... Micah.... anyone??? Someone!!! Get the tv away from Isaac STAT!!!

    And congrats Cliffgirl :D

  5. Hahaha amazing! I love that you added Nova! I totally wasn't expecting that. And *sigh* George is just too cute, I can't wait to see how he and Maggie finally come together (especially after your little sneak peak at the next chapter) :) and Ghost. Oh Ghost he just makes me laugh every time he goes on Fangspace haha.

  6. Too funny! My ribs hurt I laughed so hard, everyone in hearing distance thinks I'm crazy now... Oh well it was so worth it!

  7. I love these! Shaving Donald's hair!!! LMAO! And Ghost... The BKing creeps the shit out of me, too.

  8. First of all, thank you Ms. Night (*squeals*) and let me know how you want me to do this. I am thinking of something good as I write.
    Second, thank you for all the congrats, everyone.
    Third, I adore Fangspace. It makes me laugh so hard. As soon as I saw Ghost's answers about Dan, I pictured Rowe's murderous face in my head and thought that Ghost must have a deathwish to be messing with the Prince's pet. Your kill list was completely right on and I'll sign up as a guest assassin to take most of them out, and Josh Holloway (*mmmm-yummy*). You also have the most amazing photos for each character. Hot.

  9. This is great fun! I had a blast reading these!

  10. I'm with Micah, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Gerard Butler ;D I saw him playing in a charity football (soccer) game for my team at Celtic Park in Glasgow last August, YUMMY :D

    This is so funny, I love FANGSPACE! I was sitting giggling while readng it just after 5 this morning :D Such a good way to start my day :D

    And congrats Cliffgirl :D

  11. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!! I love this, it was the best thing in my day - it made me laugh when I needed it most.

  12. this was perfect!
    who are the display pics for Cade, Micah, ghost (can't get enough of his little smirk), and rowe? they are gorgeous! and i wish we had a face for knox!

  13. Bwahahahha knox...justin bieber.....hahhahaha amazing

  14. Gerald Butler and Micah sandwich? *waves hands madly in the air* I'm in!!!!!!!!

  15. Love this totally too much, seriously Night you are magnificaaant. Mwah! Love Chopejem your best stalkerish fan ever.