Friday, May 11, 2012

QUICKIES: Forget Me Not

Well hello my darling readers.  I know I know (slap on the wrist), it's been too long.  I think I mentioned that I was going to be working more here in the real world and that my posting schedule might change, but in case I didn't, I'm telling you now. 

TOMORROW: Blogs of Note, People Who are Publishing, and Random Yaoi Links.


THINGS I'M EXCITED ABOUT: I've finally gotten around to working on re-writing Cade.  Not only does it have a new title (which I won't reveal) but I have added over twenty pages so far of new material. New scenes, new aww moments, more emotions and I can't wait!


1. After fighting with Literotica Bots for the third week in a row, I have finally figured out the damned problem as to why my Quickies were being rejected and after a MINOR alteration, I will be submitting them again tonight. Geez that was a lot of work for a tiny little short story.  Sidenote: I would like to know which ones are your favorites so far and why? 

2. I will be creating a NightTempest Gmail account for readers to contact me this weekend.  Some people are unable to use the comment system for some reason or another and I think this is just a better idea all around. So after that's running, feel free to contact me any time.  I love super fan mail. :)

3. A few people have contacted me through feedback asking me why I'm not on GoodReads.  Answer: I have no idea.  After looking into it though, I will be getting on there soon too. So little fans that keep emailing me...soon.


That's it for now.  Have a good night everyone!  Love and kisses....

P.S. This QUICKIE was a combination of two different previous plot run aways, a t.v. segment I watched last week, a song by Oasis, and this picture below. Blend on high for sixty seconds and voila...a QUICKIE Smoothie. Put a straw in it and sip slowly.


Rain pelted against Jachim’s black leather duster as he cut down a darkened alleyway.  His boots splashed through puddle after puddle on the uneven cobblestone and he dared a look over his shoulder with a grin. His hood concealed his boyish face but there was no mistaking the mischief in his dark eyes. 

“Stop thief!  Stop right there!”  The fattened constable and his tall, thin sidekick ran after Jachim but they were no match for a street dealer.  Like a wisp of smoke, Jachim was there and then he wasn’t—his knowledge of this way and that far exceeding the constables.  Inside his duster Jachim had secured the stolen bottle of expensive brandy and a small wheel of cheese.  Both of which now thumped against his chest like an exaggerated heartbeat as he ran from the pathetic excuses for city protection.

The two constables stood under a lamp post and scoured the street for the runaway criminal. The dealer could’ve swore they looked right at him at least five times but eventually they shook their heads.  Stumped as to where Jachim went, the constables split up and took opposite directions.  Catching his breath in the pitch dark alcove across the way, the thief grinned and took a swig of his flask with a slight hiss.  The rain was coming down to the point that it stung his face and the city gate would be closing within the hour for a secure nightly lockdown.  He had to get out of here if he didn’t want to be found.  Constable numbers doubled after gate closing to enforce the curfew, so his chances of jail time increased.

Making sure his hood was in place, Jachim scratched his jaw with a slight twinge that he was forgetting something but shrugged it off and checked both sides of the street before darting out of the doorway to the right.  He couldn’t wait to get back and show Brack and Harlow his goods.  Jachim wondered what those two had come up with for this evening’s riches but was sure that between the three of them, tonight was going to be a great night for all.  With nothing but the flap of his leather coat and the noise of the shattering like rain, Jachim wound thru the city’s dodgy district in hopes of a quicker trip through the gate—mainly before the new constables showed up for duty.  He was good but not two dozen guards worth of good. His instincts told him this was the right way to go and he always trusted his gut.

He leapt over a drunkard lying across a back alley heap of trash and zig zagged through the darkest shadows to keep out of the light.  You could very well call Jachim a rat for that is what he was.  A liar, a cheat, a thief but above all he was handsome and that was his best and most dangerous attribute.  He knew it too and that only added to his devilish charm.  A painted whore stepped out from a lit doorway and lifted her skirt in invitation.  Jachim smirked but kept running.

“Hell with you then!” The girl yelled after him. Although she wasn’t half bad looking, Jachim didn’t need a whore to get that kind of desire fulfilled.  He was pretty enough himself that he never had to pay for sex.  Not only that, he got the strangest feeling that he would never be satisfied by that whore anyway.  Something better awaited him tonight, he just knew it.  With a wave of his hand he laughed off his sexual desire and jumped up to the last barrier separating him from the gate. 

Upon leaping onto the last empty crate stacked against the wall, Jachim perched onto the brick ledge and looked back in the direction he had come.  Cocking his head and raising a brow, he had no idea how he had seamlessly climbed up such a height but shrugged again and peered down into the alley ahead.  He could make out a few doorways in the shotty lighting but he didn’t see or hear anyone.  Beyond the dark was the string of lamp posts that led to the still open front gates. 

Like a cat, Jachim stretched and leapt into the darkness.  His feet landed and his palm flattened on the ground in a crouch.  Darting his eyes around, Jachim stood slowly before checking around him.  Nothing but silence—it was almost too easy.  Oh well though, he thought with a smile, sometimes things went like they were supposed to.  Or not, he flattened himself to the wall with a gasp as a dozen constables marched past the dark alley in formation.  Ah no!  Shift change was early tonight?  This was bad, Jachim concluded and dug his boot heel into the ground in frustration.  He’d never get out into the open now without being recognized.  He’d almost been caught four times this week alone and they were sure to know him by now or worse someone had ratted him out and he was the talk of the guards.  Those dealers never lasted long.

Not to mention, he had crossed a district wall and now he was in the high class residences.  But the street dealers usually called it the ritz. Now he was stuck in the highest patrolled district in all the city and the gates would be shutting any minute.  Jachim slid down the wall in the dark and looked up to an alley facing residential entrance.  The home was rather out of place in the white and red bricked homes stuffed together like fat sandwiches of money.  This front was black brick with a tall, narrow red door, a crooked chimney, and a black raven shaped knocker.  A flicker in the window caught Jachim’s eye and a thick curtain twitched as it fell back into place.

Someone was watching him, Jachim stiffened and pulled his duster tighter around him as the rain continued to slice down from the heavens.  His breath puffed in front of him like fog across water and the hair across his forehead matted against his skin—dripping water into his eyes.  Shivering from the sudden chill that swept up his spine, Jachim looked up as the sound of a creaky door opening made him jump.  Slowly, he palmed his way back up the wall to standing as the door to the strange house opened.

On either side of the door, two small glass lanterns blazed to life and a tall, gaunt man stepped onto the stoop.  His eyes were sunken with age and his gray hair was tied back with a ribbon.  Judging by his attire, Jachim guessed him a butler but that didn’t make him any less intimidating.  The guy was haunting to say the least and Jachim made no move to come closer. The man turned his head towards the gate just as two constables began to patrol down the alley. 

“I must say…your situation does not seem comfortable at the moment.  Would you care to come inside and dry yourself off sir?” The man inquired with a deep voice and a slow drawl.  Loud boots stomped closer and Jachim swallowed and stepped into the light with no other choice. .  On this side of the district wall, he had no other way back up without going around and that wasn’t possible at the moment.  At the same time though, he didn’t even question the man or the house he was entering.  There was a strange feeling pulling him towards the man.

“Hey! You there!  What’re you doing out this late?” One of the patrol men called pulling a baton from his belt. 

With a dramatic clearing of his throat, the graying gentlemen pointed a finger at Jachim.  “Get in this house at once.  You are over an hour late and the master is angry with you.  And how dare you come back without what I requested?  What an ignorant servant boy you are!  Are you still standing there boy?  Get in here now!”  Jachim looked over to the constables who crossed their arms under their blue slickers and waited for Jachim to go into the house.

Taking one last look at the outside world, Jachim rushed up the four steps and swept past the very tall butler—coming to a stop just inside the very dark home.  “Good night constables.”

“You keep that door shut and locked sir.  There are criminals and dealers out these hours of the night and you have to be careful.” Jachim heard the patrol man’s warning before the butler chuckled.

“I will keep that in mind.  Gentlemen.” Gray hair nodded and then stepped back into the foyer before closing the door after them.

Jachim peered around the open entry to his right.  A fire place was lit, a few pieces of ornate furniture were carefully placed, and a portrait hung over the mantle. Immediately, Jachim was hypnotized by the painting and he walked into the room without bothering to remove his wet garments or boots.  A young man sat in the frame.  Coppery red locks and honey colored eyes were all Jachim could focus on.  The man was so handsome that the dealer felt the urge to sink on the couch and stare all night. 

“Well it seems that you’ve already met the Master.”Jachim turned to face the butler who grinned. “That is master Drexell Caplan.”

“Did you say Caplan?  As in the ritzies who own basically own Andreas?” Jachim was surprised.  This house was nice and all but it wasn’t what he imagined when he thought money.  It was musty and dark, dated and rather scary.  He didn’t imagine this young man living here with this creepy old butler.

“One in the same.  And who may I tell the master you are?”

“You can call me J.  Thanks for the hideout and all but I don’t get personal with strangers.  No offense mister.”  Jachim suddenly realized how casual he was on the sofa and wondered how the hell he’d gotten there in the first place. This was getting too cozy for his liking. 

“Ah not to worry…J.” The butler smiled again and swept over to the corner where a small bar was set up.  “I see you brought your own refreshments but would you care for a glass?”

“How did you know I...” Jachim looked down in his lap where his bottle of brandy was sitting between his thighs. 

“You took it from your coat.  Another thing if you don’t mind.  Would you remove your coat and boots?  That fabric is delicate and…”

“Yeah sure pops, I hear ya.” Jachim shrugged off his slight unease and folded his trench on the floor with the cheese resting on top of it. Taking off his boots, he eyed the butler.  “So you have a name or do I call you Jeeves?”

A laugh sounded. “You may call me Warren.  Jeeves was already taken.” A funny guy huh? Jachim grinned.

“Alright Warren, how about you let me in on why it is you took in a street dealer like me?  Don’t you think your pretty boy master here is going to freak when he finds me on his sofa?”

“Actually, I think he’ll be just fine with that.  He doesn’t get out much. And it’s rare that anyone can ever find the place.”  Warren smirked and brought a small tumbler with ice to the couch. 

“You still didn’t tell me why you took me in?  You running a home here or what? I’m not a stray, I’ve got a place.  If you’re trying to rehabilitate me or something…”

“Pshh.  Rehabilitate you?  You seem clean enough and you can speak.  I see nothing to change.  Besides you are quite handsome with that coat off.  I think that the master…”

“Look buddy, I’m not into that.  Calling me handsome, where do you get off?” But Jachim’s eyes traveled back up to the mantle where Drex’s golden eyes seemed to stare right at him and his mouth went dry.  It was a man wasn’t it?  He was too beautiful though—making Jachim’s thoughts stray to something darker than just looking. He could almost feel those hands on him and something else…

“It was nothing more than a compliment.  Just to let you know though…your eyes seem to tell a different story.”

“I’m not into guys!” Jachim huffed but couldn’t look away.  A noise from above drew him out of his trance and he glanced to the ceiling.  “I’m really not…”

“If you’ll excuse me a moment, I need to tend to something.” Warren flicked his eyes up and then back to Jachim within the blink of a second.

Something was weird here, Jachim felt with a growing unease. First a ritzie had taken him in with no questions asked.  Then he’d been offered to sit and greet the master of the house as if he were suitable company among the rich.  Now there was this picture of a man with his pretty eyes and perfect hair above the mantle that was making Jachim squirm in his seat with dirty thoughts.  On top of all that there was the ominous Warren and the eerie vibe that seeped from this house—like something out a Poe novel save for the sound of a beating heart.  But still, Jachim couldn’t bring himself to get up and walk out that door.  He had to stay.

Creak. Step. Creak. Step.  The sound of Warren walking up the stairs gave Jachim the chills and he walked over to the fire to warm himself.  Shivering in his thin undershirt, the dealer rubbed his hands together near the flames.  He gasped with a flinch when a thud sounded from above and then the same footsteps sounded back over the floor only this time another set followed behind Warren.  Was that man from the portrait really coming downstairs to greet him?  Jachim’s eyes went wide.

Quickly he went over to his tumbler and downed the remainder of his alcohol and smoothed his damp hair back away from his face before tucking in his undershirt.  Why did he care what suddenly care what a ritzie thought of him anyway?  He screwed up his face in thought and removed his hands from his shirt in wonder and looked back to the portrait.  Those honey toned eyes captivated him again and his shoulders fell with ease.  “So beautiful…”

“Thank you Warren.” A delicate voice came from the hall and Jachim turned back to the open entrance.  A dark blue robe was tied around his waist and hair the color of autumn leaves was braided over his shoulder.  Drex Caplan stared at Jachim with his unnaturally golden eyes and his small pink lips curved into a smile.  Jachim was struck with a need so great he didn’t even know what he wanted.  This thin creature with his pretty hair and soft looking robe made him salivate with desire.

“I’ll go check on the preparations master Drex.” Warren nodded and Drex nodded back.

“Thank you Warren.” Drex flicked his eyes up to Jachim and held out his hand in a strange manner—palm up as if wanting Jachim to come to him.  Mesmerized by the young man’s eyes, Jachim put his palm in Drex’s and was guided to the couch.  “Sit with me J.  It has been too long since I’ve had the pleasure of company such as you.”

Jachim sat on the couch not even noticing how he leaned into Drex’s body or how his legs sidled up to the master’s thighs without hesitation.  “I am Drex Caplan but I will have you call me Drex for now.  Does this suit you?” Drex hummed with approval as he pushed his hand into Jachim’s hair and combed the damp locks away from the dealer’s face. 

“Drex…” Jachim whispered and his eyes locked on the rosy lips of the man that reminded him of a woman with his luminescent skin and delicate curves.  His head was swimming with irrational thoughts.  Jachim wanted to crawl onto Drex and inhale his skin like an animal. 

“Very good.  I like the way you say my name.” Drex traced a finger down Jachim’s jaw and as his arm moved, the robe fell open at his chest—revealing a smooth expanse of flawless skin to Jachim’s eyes.  “Tell me J, how did you come to find this house?”

“What?” Jachim murmured and reached out to touch the middle of Drex’s chest. The master caught the straying hand and pressed the softest of kisses to Drex’s fingertips.

“How did you find this place?” Now that they were eye to eye, Jachim remembered the alley way, Warren coming out of the door, the constables. 

“I was running and I was…It just appeared actually.  Now that I think about it.  It just came out of nowhere…” Jachim blinked and gasped as he was able to pull himself out of the clouds.  “What the hell is this?” Jachim pulled his hands away with a screech—his back pressing into the far side of the couch as he clamored away from the unholy beauty in front of him.

“Are you well J? You look flushed.  I shall have Warren fix you something to drink.” Drex simply lounged against the mandarin backed couch like a vision.  His face said he was casually concerned but his eyes told of a fire that was contained under his skin, a lustful heat that he yearned to consume Jachim with.

“I am most certainly not well!  What are you doing to me? Why on earth would I touch another man like that? And who are you people?  Taking in a street rat like me for what?  What are you playing at?” Jachim perched on his toes like a gargoyle keeping guard and narrowed his eyes in anger but inside he was scared to death.  At this point he wished to be back in that alley way and take his chances with the constables over what he feared was coming next.  None of his skills or past predicaments had prepared him for this.  Had he been lured into the trap of a hungry bear?  Or in this case…man? But by hell itself, he still wished to touch Drex’s skin. This was not good, not good at all.

“You must be fevered from being all wet.  You were reaching for me after I introduced myself to you.  I asked you how you came to be here and you didn’t seem to hear me.  Oh dear, we must get you out of those clothes and into bed.  Warren?” Drex called with a wave of his hand and Warren appeared with a fluffy towel.  “That was most thoughtful of you Warren.  One would think you were trying to get on my good side.  Thank you though.  Jachim here seems to have acquired a fever.  Can you prepare a room please?”

“Wha…what!  How do you know my name?  I never told you that. I never tell anyone my full name.” Jachim’s heart began to race as he looked between the two men who stared back curiously.

“Do you see Warren?  He is mad with the heat.  We must get him into bed before he faints or starts to have visions in his sickness.”

“Visions!  You are both crazy!  I’m fine and I don’t have a fever…” Jachim put his hands to his cheeks to show them and found his skin hot to the touch.  His head became a touch dizzy and heavy all at once and he fell back against the couch.

“Warren, I will take him upstairs. If you would turn down the bed please and bring up some tea?  I think all he needs is a little rest and care.” Drex gracefully rose from the couch and the robe split over his long slender leg.  Jachim once again had to resist the urge to fall to his knees and lick that leg from toe to hip.  The need came with a rumbling noise from his throat and Jachim covered his mouth in surprise when he realized the source.

“Oh my God!  What in the…what are you people?” Jachim screamed and toppled over the back of the couch to get away.  Fever or flesh eating virus, he was getting out of here.  Well that was his initial plan until he found his feet again and found two hands steadying his arms.  The touch was like that of a puppy’s coat, that soft fur that made him think of being a child and left Jachim with the need to snuggle into a warm blanket or body.  Jachim sighed and wondered why he was leaning into a smaller man—for surely a person smaller than him could not hold him up or carry him up stairs.

Those golden eyes slanted a bit under dark lashes and that snake like smile returned.  “Let’s get you to bed Jachim.  I think you need some tending to, my sweet.”

“Yeah…” Jachim replied obediently.  His limbs were suddenly like spaghetti and he moaned as Drex picked him up in his arms as if he was a child.  There was no bumping or tossing about as Drex ascended the stairs.  He merely glided up them and the steady travel calmed Jachim.  Nuzzling his face into Drex’s shoulder, Jachim shut his eyes and went to sleep.

Sometime later, Jachim semi-awoke to hands smoothing up his bare legs and he stretched and smiled with his eyes still closed.  A tongue bathed over the curve of his hip and down to his cock, where something warm and wet took him to the root.  His eyes were too heavy to open but his mouth let out a low moan and his hands wound into a head of hair at his groin.  His eyes opened just a bit but everything was still foggy.  Jachim frowned a little as he saw…large…black…wings? Darkness took him again.

His body ached yet Jachim wanted more.  A growl sounded from behind him and something hard pressed to his back—covered in sweat?  Fingers wrapped around his neck from behind as the creature took him in a way that normally would scare him.  But now it was the only thing he knew.  Wings covered him and drowned out any light in the room.  The creature consumed Jachim’s every thought.  He owned him.  With another forceful thrust inside of his…oh my God, Jachim blacked out.

“Jachim?  Wake up my sweet.” Something soft brushed his cheek, fingers smoothed through hair.  His body hurt and Jachim’s eyes were so heavy he could barely open them.  “Welcome back sweet.  I was worried there for a while.  You slept for eight days this time.”

Jachim sat up with a groan and the sheets pooled in his lap.  Red claw marks were fading into pink lines on his skin and the dealer looked slowly to Drex.  The master of the house was lounged next to him, naked as the day he was born but with some differences that were completely startling to the newly awake Jachim.  Honey colored eyes glowed and flickered like tiny flames lined with lashes.  Locks of coppery red hair flowed  to Drex’s hips with an unearthly vibrancy and black leathery wings stretched out behind him then curled back into place.

“I…oh…no…huh uh.” Jachim couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

“Jachim darling.  I think you slept way too long this time and it’s my fault.  I was so hungry that I couldn’t control myself once you came home.  I missed you.” Drex pouted and rolled onto his hands and knees like a cat.  He was so sexy even with the wings of darkness attached to his spine that Jachim was forgetting to breathe. Rising to his knees, Drex maneuvered himself between Jachim’s open legs and smiled.  “Hell fires I craved you so badly it hurt.  A whole week without you and I was out of my mind with need.  Oh but I think I over did it this time my sweet.  Are you in any pain?”

“What…what is happening?” Memories competed with his current shock, leaving Jachim’s thoughts in a state of turmoil.  His body ached but it still craved to be skin to skin with the human sized bat in front of him.  He didn’t know what to do.

“May I kiss you?  You always remember when I kiss you.” Drex cupped Jachim’s face and those golden eyes triggered the dormant heat in the dealer’s loins.  Those eyes always drew him in and he could never say no to Drex.  Wait…always…never? Drex’s lips drew closer and Jachim’s tongue wet his own in excitement.  Wait…excited…for this creature to kiss him?

Drex greeted Jachim’s mouth with his own and he let his tail snake out from underneath his wings to stretch.  It wrapped around his thigh and the sensitive tip rubbed against his skin like that of a cat—eager for affection.  Jachim moaned as the creature’s mouth locked on his and he automatically closed his eyes to lose himself.  He rose to his knees and his hands gripped Drex’s shoulders while his brain went for a ride.

“It’s nearing Jachim.   I know you’re scared but Harlow and Brack will be near the gate should you go too far.” Drex played with Jachim’s hair.  “You’ll come back home.  You always do my sweet.”

“But what if I don’t Drex?  What if I really do get lost and forget you?  Can’t we talk to him and form a new agreement?  I don’t want to leave you.” Jachim turned and straddled Drex.  “I’ll go crazy without you and what will you do?  How will you feed?”

“I can manage a few days but I can’t guarantee I won’t be vicious when you return.  I’ll be…”

“Hungry?” Jachim offered to the Incubus and leaned down for a kiss.  “Only one hundred cycles left after this one.”

“Remind me to never make a deal with him ever again.” Drex rolled his eyes and ran his nails down Jachim’s bare chest. “At least he let us stay together.  I can still remember how much you hated me when I first took you.  But after a while…you begged for it.” The incubus sighed then frowned. “I will miss you sweet.”

“Even though I won’t remember you, know that I’ll miss you too. I’ll find you again.  I promise my love.” Jachim felt nails dig into his ass and pierce his skin while Drex’s black tail wrapped around his cock and squeezed until he moaned.

“Come here,” Drex growled….

Jachim gasped and pushed Drex away.  He studied the eyes that since day one he had never been able to stop being entranced by.  He used to hate this man in the beginning because he had thought his life was over and his terrible ways had finally caught up with him.  Hell came knocking on Jachim’s door.

He was going to die, that much was clear.  The great brute that he had cheated in poker flung the table across the room and bellowed in anger.  A knife the size of Jachim’s forearm was pulled from the man’s back and he raised it in the air—aiming for Jachim’s chest.  Sucking in a breath with eyes as wide as saucers, Jachim screeched as the man above him froze and so did the other dealers running from the room.  A slow clap began off in the corner and then a deep laugh followed.  From the darkness came a tall man with gray hair tied back in a ponytail.  His suit was impeccable and a shining platinum timepiece was in his hand.

Fire flashed in his eyes and then they went black in their sunken sockets.  He smiled and fangs filled the man’s mouth.  “Very entertaining show my boy.  Let’s skip to the good stuff shall we? You can call me Warren and oh Jachim…do I have a deal for you.”

Jachim shuddered and his eyes focused back on Drex. “Warren isn’t a butler…is he?  And…and I remember you.  I think.” Jachim touched Drex’s mouth and a long black tongue licked between his fingers in response.  That tongue, he remembered it from…

“Come on! One more chance and then…then you can have me! I promise,” Jachim argued with Warren.  The level one demon turned and snickered. 

“You’ve already promised me and this was the last time Jachim.  A weasel like you was lucky to be given three lives period and now you finagle for more?  You really are a rat Jachim and I have the perfect job for you.  Something that requires less talk and more…play.” Warren laughed and lit a cigarette—guiding the way down the black marble halls of the underworld’s central chambers.  “The master’s son is ‘displeased’ with his latest toy and is getting on my nerves. He needs someone to keep him fed and entertained and I think you might be exactly what he needs.”

“The master as in the…” Jachim gulped.  The Devil’s son? Oh this was not good, Jachim looked for the nearest escape route. “And did you just say fed?”

“Here you go. Drexell!” Warren banged on the double doors and rolled his eyes when they opened wide after several dramatic seconds.  “Have a jolly good time, Jachim my boy.” Warren laughed and pushed Jachim inside.

His heart hammered in his chest when he eyed the bed.  On it was the most elegant male he had ever seen and sighting the look in those hypnotic golden eyes, Jachim started to back up to the door but was grabbed from either side by two smaller demons with slick black horns and green eyes—their supernatural strength superior to his own.

“Bring him here…Jachim was it?” Drexell grinned and his wings unfolded from his back.  Jachim squeaked and was thrown on the bed.  His eyes met gold ones and a long black tongue snaked out of Drexell’s mouth. “Come to me Jachim…”

“I made a deal with Warren to live three lives but…I died every time.”

“Yes, Warren is a bastard like that.  But what did you expect from a demon my sweet?” Drex sighed and pulled Jachim to him.  “What else do you remember?”

“I was assigned to you after the last time. You’re the son of the…” Jachim shook from head to toe and Drex cooed with a kiss to Jachim’s forehead.

“I know how he can be but he went light on us and that means he approves in his own way.  After all you put me through in the beginning, I think he likes you better than me anyway.” Drex chuckled and inhaled at Jachim’s shoulder.  The dealer still had no idea why he felt so comfortable with this man but he didn’t object to the closeness the creature provided.  Their skin met and Jachim shuddered as Drex wrapped his arms around him. 

“I’m just food to you Drexell and you know it.  Don’t fool yourself and don’t fuck with me!  I’m nothing more than a battery to fuel your incubus so go ahead and get it over with.” Jachim held back the tears on got on his hands and knees for Drex.  It had been ten years now and still Drex hadn’t gotten rid of him.  After everything he had tried to piss the incubus off, still the son of the devil could not be swayed to discard Jachim.  If anything, the two seemed to make a game of it.  Drex would growl at Jachim’s little stunts and Jachim would end up on his back screaming Drex’s name until the next day. 

They couldn’t get enough of each other and even Jachim was starting to worry that it was more than simple food.  But after the lecture that Warren had delivered today about keeping Jachim in line, it was clear that nothing would ever come of their...affection for one another.  If that was what this was.

“Why do you insist on pinning me as a monster? I don’t take what you don’t want.” Drexell growled and crawled onto the bed. 

“Just get it over with Drexell and get what you need.  I’m not feeling good and I’d like to sleep,” Jachim said with as much anger as he could manage.  It wasn’t Drexell’s fault.  He had been nothing but…strangely nice to him since that first day that Harlow and Brack had pushed Jachim on Drex’s bed.

“Are you well sweet?  Where do you hurt?  I will get you something to drink.  Lie down and rest.” Drex never missed a beat and went into his protective mode.  Jachim’s eyes watered as he realized he really did care for the incubus.  Just because Drex fed on sex and emotion didn’t mean it was his fault.  In reality, it only brought them closer to each other and Jachim ached to have his incubus near.

“Drex?” Jachim choked.  He only ever called Drexell by his nickname when something was wrong or when they were...right.  Immediately the demon was by his side with a hand down Jachim’s naked back.

“What is it Jachim?  Where does it hurt and I will fix it!”

Rolling onto his back, Jachim looked at Drex with tearful eyes and watched the Incubus’s eyes begin to glow. Jachim closed his eyes and breathed out before he slid a hand down his chest and opened his eyes.  “Please…please Drex.”

“You want me to…” Drex hissed and crawled between Jachim’s now open legs and up his chest—his wings begin to unfurl from his back and his tail wrapped around Jachim’s thigh.

“Feed from me,” Jachim breathed and pulled his Incubus down to him.  Claws unsheathed and marked Jachim’s skin, healing seconds after the wound was created.  The pain was so good to Jachim and his cock filled and hardened between his thighs.  Drex’s razor sharp teeth were revealed from behind his rosy lips and his eyes burned with promises of dirty things to come.  Although Drex was smaller than Jachim, his cock wasn’t and the rock hard tool of pleasure bounced against his stomach making Jachim licked his lips.

“My sweet.  You are not just food to me.  But you already know that. Don’t you?” Drex’s tongue darted out and licked Jachim’s cheek.

“It doesn’t matter Drex.  I’m just food in the end.” Jachim closed his eyes to at least enjoy Drex’s touch and avoid those eyes that he found so intense.

“You’re never just food to me.  You are mine.” Drex’s tail sought entrance into Jachim’s ass and the dealer threw his head back and wordlessly cried his pleasure.

Jachim found himself straddling Drex as he came back to their bedroom and his lips were on the Incubus’s throat.  Drex moaned and grabbed onto Jachim’s hips. “You kept me.  Even after I tried to burn you alive, trap you in circles of magic, and deny you food.  You kept me.”

“Every time you remember, you make me want you more.  Every time you get that look on your face…” Drex kissed along Jachim’s collarbone.  “I want to devour you.”

Jachim grabbed onto Drex’s head and pressed those lips hard against his skin.  Shivering, wings caressed around Jachim’s back and he arched into Drex—his cock sliding against the velvet skin of his Incubus’s chest.  His Incubus?  Jachim’s eyes widened but still he ground into the body underneath him.  Tears pricked at his eyes and he cried out.

“No slave will be a match for my son!” The master of hell itself rose from his desk and slammed his fists upon the surface.  “I will rip him limb from limb and throw him to the dogs before you will claim him as yours!”

“Then you will kill me too!” Drex hissed and bared his teeth.  “He is mine contracted with my blood.  He is my slave and I will claim him if I so wish.  Even you cannot revoke a blood contract father dearest.”

“You ungrateful child, he is nothing but a play thing.  A very entertaining play thing but he is still nothing to us.” The Devil leaned forward and his red eyes narrowed under his dark brows.  “You should remember who you are.”

Drex took a breath and stroked Jachim’s head.  His slave laid his head against Drex’s knee and wound his arms around his leg.  “I love him.  He will be mine and that is the end of this conversation.”

“You what?  You are a creature of flesh and sex!  You do not love!” The Devil roared and knocked his belongings off his desk in a rage. 

“I love you because you love me. Or is that my imagination?” Drex looked down at his slave and sighed.

“Of course I love you.  You are my son.”

“So then I am capable of love and I love him.  I see no argument here.  If you love me, you will see me happy. Even the ruler of hell must have a soft spot for his own blood.”

“Drexell you give me such a headache.” The Devil leaned over the desk and looked down at Jachim.  Horns curled out of the master’s temples and his eyes glowed with power.  He was terrifying and Jachim hid his face in Drex’s lap.  “You! Look at me human scum.” Jachim turned his face to the Devil’s and gasped at how close the red eyed man was.  “Do you love him too?” A growl followed and Jachim nodded.  He couldn’t speak or move away.

“Fine.  Then you will prove it.”

“Father, I won’t stand for your tricky deals.  He’s mine…”

“Yes but any being you decide to claim must be tested by me.  That is the end of this conversation. Leave me now.” The Devil growled at Jachim and turned his back to Drex. “Now!”

Drex smiled down at Jachim with a wink before pulling him to his feet and attaching the leash to his neck.  “Soon my sweet, it will be different,” Drex whispered in his ear and gently tugged on the leash—leading the way out of the devil’s office.

“Please remember.  I know you want to Jachim, I can feel it.” Drex pushed Jachim onto his back and let his wing span out—blocking the light and shrouding the two of them in darkness.  “Remember me.”

Jachim shuddered and wrapped his legs around Drex. His arms felt useless above him while his eyes locked on the golden gaze he swore he’d never forget.  He saw the tail creep up his stomach and move to prod at his lips but he wasn’t scared.  Jachim opened his mouth and licked the appendage’s tip.  Drex shivered with a growl and Jachim sucked the black tail into his mouth.  

This body above him was so familiar.  Jachim could describe every inch of Drex in detail and yet something was missing in his mind.  So close yet unable to connect completely.  How did he know these things but not remember at the same time?  What did Drex mean…claim him? His head pounded under the memories flooding his mind but the pleasure kept him from sinking too deep into his own thoughts.  Drex hissed and the tail slithered out of Jachim’s mouth.  It slicked over Jachim’s nipples and circled his belly button—leaving a wet trail behind before sliding over his hip and between the cheeks of his ass.  Jachim moaned and leaned forward to allow the tail closer to where he wanted it. Drex’s hands grabbed onto the globes of Jachim’s backside and spread them apart as his tail prodded at Jachim’s most intimate place.   

“Drex!” Jachim yelped and the incubus chuckled.  His fear of being with a man had receded the minute he remembered this tail inside of him.  The way it squirmed and twisted—reaching places that made him cry out to Drex.  Eventually he would long for something bigger, something thicker and harder.  Something only Drex could give him. He could remember the night of his claiming—the good and the bad.  He had been so scared of Drex’s father and what the deal would be.  Wait what deal? What…

The master of hell would see to a test of their love for each other and what they were willing to go through to be together.  They would not fail, Jachim had squeezed Drex’s hand with determination.

“Since you were selfish in your mortal life.” The Devil laughed. “Nothing more than a thieving street dealer with only selfish desires and no love in your heart…”

“Father,” Drex said and stood in warning from his chair.

“Oh you get no say in this part child. Sit down.” The Devil grinned and crossed his leg. “As I was saying…seeing as how you were nothing more than a heartless bastard who cared about nothing else besides money and your own desires, I shall take away your memory of the thing you actually care about the most…my son.”

“What!” Drex roared and clutched Jachim to his chest. “You cannot do that! He is mine.”

The Devil held up a hand to silence his son. “Every full moon when the gate is open, for one hundred and fifty cycles…” The master looked to Jachim with a grin. “The number of coins you took from that fateful poker game.  You will lose all recollection of my son and the love you have for him.  During this time you will be banished back to the human realm, a mere mortal amongst the normal dangers of the world with only your human memories to help you.  If you are who you say to my son…you will find your way back to him. If you can find him, then you will get your memories back.”

“What if he does not find his way back?” Drex sneered.

“You are allowed to make three of your own conditions to my offer but I must approve them.  And if he still forgets about you…then he is not worthy of you.” The Devil shrugged and smiled at Jachim again.  It was a cold, toothy smile fit for the ruler of hell.

“And what happens after these one hundred and fifty cycles?” Drex held Jachim tight.

“Then I will know he is worthy of your love and you of his.  I will acknowledge him as yours with the respect he will deserve after that. Now…what are your conditions?”

Drex frowned and looked at Harlow and Brack—his underlings in the corner and flicked his eyes back to his father. “Brack and Harlow will watch over him.  I will know where he is at all times and he will never leave the Andreas gates.”

“One condition down and I approve. Why do you think I would let him loose so close to home though, son of mine? Andreas is the entrance to hell.  Surely you don’t think I would set him free at my own front door.” The Devil chuckled and Jachim felt his stomach lurch.  He would never be able to find Drex again. 

“You said you would give him back his old memories.  He was born and died in Andreas.  Your move,” Drex replied with narrowed eyes.

“Fine,” the master of hell growled back.  “But that is two conditions and now I have one of my own. If Brack and Harlow go, so does Warren.”

“No!” Drex slammed his hand on his chair. “That’s not fair. You know he will lead Jachim astray.  My third condition then is that I go top side.”

“Deal.” The Devil lips turned into a cruel smirk and vanished with a whirl of thick smoke.

“That went well.” Drex sighed and Jachim looked up with surprise.

“I found my way back,” Jachim whispered and grunted as Drex’s tail slicked inside of him and the incubus’s talons cut into his back gently. 

“Yes.  He never said I had to play fair,” Drex replied with a flick of his tongue.  “Those two constables…” Drex laughed and flapped his wings back.  “Were Brack and Harlow,” he growled and bit down on Jachim’s shoulder.

“Drex,” Jachim moaned and grunted as he was slammed onto his back. 

“My father is impressed with you.  He told Warren he was thinking about lessening the test.”

“What?” Jachim tried to move but found his wrists pinned to the bed and his torso covered by Drex.  A giant flap of those black leathery wings sent shivers over his body and Jachim writhed.  “But I thought Warren hated me.”

“If you remember that, then you will remember the little trade I made with that greedy son of bitch. He wanted two little things I had and for you, I was willing to reward him every time he helped you.” Drex stilled above Jachim and the tail inside the dealer paused.  The incubus’s eyes searched his sweet’s face until Jachim nodded with understanding.  “Finally!” The smaller man smiled and Jachim took a deep breath, fully knowing what was coming next.  The tail pulled out of Jachim and Drex threw his head back and laughed—bringing a smile to Jachim’s face.  The true demon came out of the winged man and Drexell’s eyes burned with the fire of his father.  “Because I’m very hungry.”

Jachim’s dark eyes narrowed back—his master becoming familiar in his head again and everything clicking into place.  He knew this creature as if Drex were himself.  This cycle was over and Jachim couldn’t be happier. “Really?  So am I,” Jachim husked back and Drex raised up on his knees with a growl before attacking Jachim’s body.


The two constables stood in the living room before Warren and slowly morphed back into their thin, small bodies.  Harlow and Brack grinned at one another and their green eyes glowed.  Holding up Jachim’s stolen brandy bottle, Brack purred and bit his lip.  “You may have it.  It’s not like they’re going to drink the others right this second.” Warren rolled his eyes and waved his hand.  The decorate hearth grew and on either side of the roaring fire were shelves upon shelves of brandy bottles. Below those were cabinets full of cheese—the dinner of dealers, Warren shook his head with a smile.

“Thank you Warren,” Harlow hissed and bowed his head. Brack curtsied and the two broke into a fit of evil giggles.  The fire swirled with a multitude of reds and oranges before the master of hell himself stepped through the flames.

All three demons before him bowed and straightened.  “Remarkable that Jachim still manages to come back.  What do you think it is Warren?  Or how is the better question?” The devil mused to his underling.

“I…I do not know master,” Warren replied.

“Are you sure about that?” The devil grasped Warren’s chin and tilted it up.  “You, the great demon of greed, know nothing about Jachim’s return to my son?”

“No master. He found his own way back.”

“And you never let Drexell step foot outside?  You watched him carefully then?”  The devil caressed the demon’s cheek.

“Yes master.  He never left the house. I made sure of it.” Warren grinned and the devil smirked.

“But you did. Didn’t you Warren?”

“No sir.  I never stepped outside.  Did I?” Warren turned his eyes to Brack and Harlow who shook their heads.

“Hmm, yes well then it seems he really is worthy.  That kind of bond is extraordinary.   I will think more on this and get back to you.  Until then, tell them they are to return home.” The devil eyed the three demons carefully before he sighed and stepped back into the fireplace.  The flames consumed him and he vanished from the human realm.

“What if he finds out about the deal?” Brack eyed his brother Harlow who cackled then tipped the Brandy back with a loud guzzle.

“He won’t and if he does…I’ll know who told him.” Warren unzipped his pants with a grin.  “Now, who’s first?” The twin demons looked at each other and licked their lips.  Harlow gave his brother the brandy and Brack took a swig before they went to do their master Drexell’s bidding.  “Or better yet, how about both at once?  I’m feeling greedy tonight.” Warren dropped his pants and laughed at his own joke.



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