Sunday, May 13, 2012

The NightTempest Newsletter



Once again, the blog list feed has excluded me like the smelly kid on the playground and forgot (or something) to publish my last QUICKIE to the list.  I still haven't heard back from Blogger or Google or anyone that has any authority or information on the matter, so I apologize for that.  For anyone that missed yesterday's post because you actually check that list for updates: Forget Me Not.  Check it out because I put a few bits of information in there you might care to know (pay attention class).

Next order of business: I got a new email.  Everyone who already has my personal Gmail, do NOT delete it.  Both accounts are synced and I can flip back and forth through my seperate inboxs with the press of a button. It does not mean I am deleting my other account. Haha, just an FYI. For anyone that wants to email me, comment on something, send some love, a dirty picture, or whatever you want--send it to I'll be posting this up on the blog permanently so you can contact me whenever you want.


Let's give a warm welcome to two ladies who have decided to give Blog's of Note a try. First up...

Am I Famous Yet?  aka K. Williams aka @Kitten2010_LIT (twitter)

Tiny Bio: I'm an Army wife and aspiring M/M writer. I'm currently in school for social work. I have a chihuahua named Ringo that I love like he's my child. I'm rather boring but I can be entertaining occasionally. I'll probably piss you off at some point, but I hope we can still be friends.

Love from Night:  I absolutely love Kitten's stories on and think it's cool that she's decided to join the world of blogger. From everyday life to rants and her cute little doggy, K has an opinion on just about everything. :) Check her out for a smile and leave a comment in return.

Next up....

The Sex Kitten aka Kat aka @katillackackack (twitter)

Tiny Bio: Everything and anything about sex & relationships! Articles and information, plus your questions answered! For any advice or answers to your most intimate (or not) sexual/relationship problems, email me at!!

Love from Night: Even though Kat is not technically ceritfied as a sex therapist, I have to admit I was kind of floored at her knowledge on the subject.  Her articles and advice are well researched and very informative in a way that you can understand and visualize with ease.  For someone so young, this girl has some talent.  Check out her blog for an in depth and youthful view on sex in general and learn something while you're at it. :)

Make sure you check these ladies out and show them some love! 


I just thought I would make sure that everyone heard about a few of our mutal bloggers either getting their works accepted by publishers or have already released some work lately for download.  It seems everyone has got stuff going on at once and if you've released something and you didn't tell me *points finger* email me and I will for sure put you in a future post. :)

M.A. Church Released her newest story Nighttime Wishes through Romance First this week.  M/M Sci-fi piece and I just downloaded it last night.  Can't wait to dive in later tonight.  For a full run-down check out her blog by clicking on her name.  To purchase the book: Smashwords, All Romance, Amazon.

K. Williams deserves a round of applause. Her first submitted work Hero was accepted by Evernight Publishing this week and boy are we proud.  Yay!  Check out her blog to give her some love. M/M romance that made me cry (in a good way). :) Happy for ya kiddo! Not sure of a release date but I'll keep you guys updated.

Talismania has some new things on the horizon as well.  Not only will Sorcerer's Knot be out sometime this summer (which I'm excited for!) but Dreamspinner Press has also taken on Prince of Winds (YAY) for a release of September I think she said. To get the scoop, check it out here. Congrats Tali!

Nephylim After the release of Enigma (which I loved and is available @ Smashwords ), Nephy brings us Enigma II!  Again available at Smashwords M/M Tale and damn is it good!!!!! River and Silver make me cringe then smile then cry then hell...just read it!

Great job ladies and I know we're all very excited for you!!!


This is a little section where I am going to feature a Yaoi that I love and pass it on to you.  This week I re-read My Boyfriend is a Vampire by: Han Yu-rang.  I can't give too much away but basically it features the leader of a high-school gang who is constantly mistaken as a girl.  This leads to a paranormal encounter with the son of the head vampire clan and incidently lands the human in deep trouble.  Misunderstandings and a total plot twist lead this manga into the unknown with gender bending, pseudo gay yet totally gay Yaoi boy love.  This isn't all that erotic if that's what you're into but the story is just so strange and wonderful that you get hooked in. Check it out at Manga Fox and waste a few hours of your life. :)


Thank you everyone for catching up with me today and I hope I didn't put you on information overload.  Lol. Have a great Sunday and I'll see you tomorrow night for more My Telija.  XOXO NightTempest.


  1. Has K. Williams disappeared off Literotica too? I can't find any of her stuff either, and she hasn't put it on her blog :( If someone could get in touch with her and find out, I would be much obliged! I was really enjoying Josh's Journal.

    1. Hello!
      Sorry I've been missing. My head has been firmly focusing on Hero but with that out of the way, I'll be working on a new chapter of Josh's Journal to celebrate.

    2. AWESOME!! I really love your work! Where should we expect the new chapter to be posted once it's finished?

    3. Most likely on Literotica, but if I change that, I'll tweet about it. If you have Twitter, it's @kitten2010_LIT