Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hedgewater episode is up!

Hey all!  The new Hedgewater post is posted.  It's almost 1 am and I'm exhausted, which means I'm drained of spunky humor tonight.  But do enjoy the new bit of Hedgewater without my little intro.  Hugs and sweet dreams, wherever you are.

~xX Night


  1. Read it and loved it. We are getting closer and closer to finding out the answers to all these mysteries. Again thiugh, I am missing your sex scenes. It could be Jagger with a random, Francis and Owen, even Kelly with Luca, if their relationship continues to develop. This is such an intense story and maybe adding sex to it would make it even more edgy, sexy, and addictive.

    I hope everyone is reading it and loving it as much as I do, even though hardly anyone comments. It's weird, but you know you still have a few loyal followers. Thanks for another great chapter.


  2. I for one am loving this story. Night's sex scenes are always hot, but I think it's the emotional intensity of these characters that really stand out in this story. Some are going through such deep shit, I find myself rooting for them!
    PS can't comment anon on the separate Hedgewater site, have to log in, which I'd rather not do... And some might wait till a story:-) is over before commenting on the whole (I used to do that).
    But defn think this is some of Night's best work, esp in terms of character development & emotional tension... Can't wait for the next chapter!

    - Faolin

    1. Oops, unintentional smiley! :D
      - Faolin