Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Episode 9 of Hedgewater is up now!

Hey guys!  Here's the link for the episode 9 of Hedgewater.  Thanks for waiting.  You guys are the best.  ;)

~Xx Night



  1. Argh!! What a cliff hanger! I can't wait to read what those 3 get up to during a sleep over... ;) loving it....

    - Faolin

  2. It's almost 2am and I have work but that's ok because I just got caught up with all the Hedgewater episodes. Here's my official commentary on them as it stands now hopefully without giving away any spoilers - I really like Jagger. I didn't know if I would but I do. He's that asshole with a heart of gold that you love but you also kinda want to karate chop in the throat. I want him to end up happy in this story. Kelly is the perfect bestie for him. He needs someone with a mouth that rivels his own. I was drooling over Luca at first mention but now that I know who he really is I'm simply salivating. This thing with him and Kelly needs to happen...Happen. Owen snapped and had a Chris Brown moment. Oh baby you need anger management. I thought we maybe could have had something special but nope I'm over Owen. I'm getting ready to throw Francis a come to Jesus party cause that's the only one that can help him. Oh poor Shay and River. I'm glad Shay is finding his backbone. For a second I was thinking he'd end up one of Francis' minions. Then the pills...Me. Screaming. At. Computer.
    I know you promised us drama but damn this is an all you can eat buffet of drama. I enjoy a good who dun it.