Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An update on the Starbucks boys!

Some of you may remember a post I did last year about a gay couple being harassed in my local Starbucks by some not so nice individuals.  If you didn't read it, you can click HERE to catch up.

For those of you who did read that post, I have some wonderful news to share with you.  Saturday night I was invited to a get-together by Tim and Ryan (aka my Starbucks boys).  Dan, his boyfriend Tyler, and myself ended up at a restaurant overlooking Lake Michigan with an entire crew of people (seriously one of the prettiest views ever).  The reservation took the staff a bit to get situated, as Ryan had booked the deck for us and they had to rearrange a lot of tables to seat us all .

I knew something was going on because Ryan looked nervous as all get out.  In the short time we've been friends I've never seen him that quiet.  He's usually the one to start conversation, crack jokes, and bring Tim out of his shell.  So, to see both of them quiet across from me, I knew Ryan was hiding something.  I didn't say anything.  I just figured he was having an off day.  He had just gotten off of work and was probably tired, I thought.

Fast forward to half an hour later and we're seated out on the deck.  The water is gorgeous.  It's almost seven, so the sun is going down and the restaurant turns on their little twinkle lights.  I'm kind of wishing my boyfriend was there at that point because he would've really liked it.  It was very romantic. Everyone is drinking wine, chatting it up, and then there's me.  I'm watching Ryan.  He's still not with the conversation and even Tim is trying to get him involved.  Talk about a role reversal.

By the time our appetizers had arrived, everyone seemed to notice how silent Ryan was.  Some people prodded him a bit.  He said he was fine, just tired.  And then a waiter asked Ryan where he wanted to put our three guests that had just arrived.  Ryan looked like a deer in the headlights.  Tim looked confused, and asked Ryan who else was supposed to be coming.  We all watched Ryan direct the waitress around him, insisting the chairs be put next to Tim.

Tim's face was priceless (not really at the time, but after the three guests arrived and we understood).  He almost seemed pissed that Ryan would put strangers next to him.  But they weren't strangers at all.  Not by a long shot.

This is the part where you might want to stop and grab a tissue.  I'm dead serious.  I balled.

Okay, are you ready for the next part?  *baby squee*

An older man and woman walked out of the restaurant, followed by another woman, maybe mid-twenties.  Tim immediately gets up from his chair.  He's very emotional upon seeing these people.  I'm like what? What is happening!  Hushed silence, people.  You could have heard a pin drop.

Tim stays put, still standing by his chair.  Ryan gets a little teary and holds Tim's hand until the older woman pulls him close and hugs the ever loving crap out of him.  It's immediately clear this woman is family.  No one hugs you like that except for your grandmother.  She pulls off her little glasses, wiping them on her shirt because she's crying.  The older man steps in and gives Tim a hug also.  He finishes with a manly clap on the back because he's trying to keep his tears in check.

But when the younger woman approaches Tim, he loses it.  Hell, we all lost it.  We didn't even know what was really happening and we're all having a total Oprah-style meltdown.  Tim releases the young woman and turns to us.  He explains that this is his older sister, Kaylie, who he hasn't talked to since he came out a year ago, and the couple are his grandparents from Florida, who he hasn't seen in almost a year and a half.

After further conversation, once they've sat down, Ryan reveals that he personally paid for them to fly up that weekend, so Tim could have family present for this particular occasion.  You see, Tim was kicked out of his house and for lack of a better word, disowned by his parents and siblings for being gay.  So, to have Kaylie sitting next to him was a HUGE deal.

AND THEN.... ZOMG.  Yes, I put a damn Z in there.

Ryan stands up and takes Tim's hand before getting down on one knee.  ZOMG X2.  Now I'm paraphrasing here, but basically Ryan said that even though they're young and haven't really lived yet, he didn't want to take another step without giving Tim the commitment he needed to keep going.  He didn't want Tim to just be his boyfriend, he wanted him to be his everything.  (I totally remembered that part because I was like hell yes I'm putting that in a story! AWWWWW)

He said he wanted to have Tim's family present because he wanted them all to know that just because they were two men in a relationship, that it didn't mean they weren't in it for real like every other couple that wanted to be something for each other.  Ryan said that even though Michigan didn't accept gay marriage right now, he wanted to offer Tim a true commitment and promise that he would always love him.  Ryan said that with time he was hopeful Michigan would allow them to the same rights as everyone else.  But for now, this was all he could offer and he wanted to offer it with all of his heart.

He presented Tim with a tiny white gold band and slipped it on his finger.   I thought the deck would collapse when everyone jumped up from their chairs with applause and cheers.  The grandparents were a mess - Grandpa totally lost it.  And Kaylie warmly embraced her brother after Ryan was finished with him.  You could tell it meant the world to Tim to have Kaylie there, hugging him like it didn't disgust her, but rather that they both needed it.

*long sigh of satisfaction*

As it now stands, Tim and Ryan are engaged to be committed.  :D  We're not sure on the official details, but there has been talk of a fall ceremony.  Now I know it's not legal in the eyes of the state, but really, who the fuck cares?  I'm just so happy for them.  I'm happy Tim was able to reunite with his sister, after a lot of talking with Ryan.  I'm happy Tim got to be with his grandparents, even though their daughter (Tim's mother) refuses to speak to him.  He needed that.  He needed a little bit of reassurance and love from his family, and his new family, Ryan.  He needed his friends with him to share in the moment.

I don't think I've ever seen him smile like that.  It was one of those moments that restored your faith in humanity and made you want to show the ones you love how much you really cared.  So, Dan and I wanted to give them something else because they are one of those couples that deserve anything you have to give.

I've mentioned before how Dan and me bought a foreclosure property last summer.  With the help of a lot of family and friends, we renovated it and put it up for rent the same summer.  The second week of July our current tenant will be moving out to take a job in California.  I'm happy to say that Tim and Ryan have agreed to move in, leaving their tiny apartment behind to start the next step in their journey.

I'm very excited about all of this.  Call it a bit of summer magic, or whatever you like, but this was one of those once in a lifetime moments that I'll remember forever.

So, to Ryan and Tim, you have my most heartfelt congratulations. <3

To the state of Michigan, you need to get with the program because we have one hella fabulous wedding to plan.

And to all of you, I hope you listened to me about the tissues.  lol

Love you all,

~Xx Night


  1. OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BOYS! I do remember that post, it's amazing to know they have developed such a mature and loving relationship and I'm sure you were glowing all the time, since you were part of their life the second you stood up for them. I'm so happy for them, and I wish them the best! :)

    Ps: I didn't cry but I did have a huge grin on my face the whole time.

  2. ZOMG!(You were right, the Z was necessary!)

    As soon as I saw 'Starbucks Boys' in the title and saw the pic you choose I had a total fangirl moment! Kudos to Ryan for the whole set up, no wonder the poor guy was nervous/anxious at the beginning of the evening! I wish those crazy kids all the best!

    Ps. Night, you and Dan are amazing people!

  3. Wow, love sure ain't easy... Whether romantic love or family love, sounds like these boys have been through so much. I admire their courage and love for each other, and I really wish them all the happiness for the future!

    - Faolin

  4. When I saw Starbucks Boys, I clicked in instantly because I knew it couldn't be anything bad. You wouldn't do that to us. The WORLD wouldn't do that. Yes, I have that much faith in it. And wow... just wow. What a wonderful story and lots of people will need tissues because of all the happiness. I'm so glad their grandparents came around, and Kaylie. Boatloads of good wishes for all involved!

  5. That's a great story! After some of the crazy-ass stupidity in the news this morning, this was wonderful to read.

  6. It is so wonderful to hear an update on the "Starbucks Boys". I am so thrilled that not only are they going to have a ceremony but that some members of his family were there to show their support. The original post about them really hit a nerve with me and I was so touched by what you did for them and how it worked out that you were able to learn their story later. It's so amazing and so touching. I am just beside myself here sniffling tears of pure joy for them.

  7. Just lovely. Left me teary eyed and so happy.
    My best to those two wonderful men and hoping that Michigan wises up soon.

  8. Damn it! Now I'm crying and I'm not even ready for work yet! Damn it! And damn Michigan for not being up to speed. I'm embarrassed sometimes to admit I live here.

    Wonderful to hear about the boys. I'm actually a little jealous. :D

  9. Congrats for them, now Im all teary on the bus, lol
    We all need moments like this to restore our faith in humanity. :)

  10. Sweetest thing ever! I read about moments like this in a lot of m/m love stories, but you got to experience it for real! How lucky. Yeah I remember the story from last year. I thought it was bad ass that you helped them out and then become great friends with them and are able to their happiness and future. Yes I got teared up, you were right about the tissues lol!


  11. wow... yes, I agree you were right about the tissues
    Very, very, very happy for Tim and Ryan. Congratulations and my best wishes!!
    I'm going to cry a little bit more...

  12. Thanks for the advance warning about needing tissues Night :D That is so wonderful, I wish them all the best for many happy, loving years together :D

    Mo x

  13. Damn Night :) Got me crying again :) I admit, I squealed knowing what would happen and just damn. People deserve happiness and that even though Tim's parents disown him, he is one of the luckiest cuz his sister realized that no one can stop being who they are, really are and to accept Tim like that, makes me feel like we can change people's mind about gays, lesbians, and everyone inbetween. All they need to realize is that love happens and no one can really stop it from happening. All they really need to do is accept it and be happy about it.

    Well, congratulations Tim and Ryan. Super super super happy for you guys and you guys deserve all the happiness in the world. Just remember one thing: It is never too young to fall in love.

  14. I can't even... that is so beautiful. I wish them a lifetime of happiness. Oneday others will understand the love has no boundaries but until then we have to support each other. Thanks for sharing and yes please use this in a story.

  15. Aw, man!! *snif* Ryan = bestest boyfriend EVAR (besides Dan, of course). I would have been laid out on the floor, sobbing at all the love. What a wonderful night.

  16. Yes *nodding and smiling* I vividly remember your post about the 'starbucks' boys which made me cry then.

    I did not cry when I read this post, but I was misty eyed and grinning big as I read about Ryan's proposal. Congrats!!!! To them and may they have a long and loving life journey.Ryan sounds like a wonderful guy made perfect for a *cutie* like Tim. Cherish family and keep an open heart for them. Tim: it is your parents loss not yours;try to keep an open heart for them. You just never know they may come around. Just remember they made they break, you did not.

    I have always thought of June as a*magical* month. (I almost always have a horrible April and a tiring May...but ahhhh June sometimes makes it worthwhile. ) Sooooo...yes I believe in summer magic (and fall ceremonies :)!!!!)
    *clicks fingers and blows sparkly dust your way* here's my two bits of summer magic to add and an extra *pinch* for Michigan to get a change of attitude.

    Thanks for posting,Night, and keep us tuned in.