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Heeyyyyy blog stalkers! Bwahaha, no I'm kidding. You're not stalkers, possibly a few, but not all of you. I'm done with this conversation now. Moving on, ya'll are going to kill me when you read this. Most likely you are already sharpening your daggers before I even finish explaining. Here goes:

1. This is only a preview. Meaning, it's coming this fall, but not right now. :) *wipes sweat away* Good, I'm still alive. So far....

2. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! Are you paying attention now? Awesome. My Telija is coming back soon. Hold on to your britches people. Honestly, I had no idea everyone liked it that much. It was something I wanted to try and I didn't get a lot of feedback on it like Dan and Rowe, so I figured not a lot of you were into it. *shrugs* I guess I was wrong there. So Jordy and Ven will be back to throwing wind and water around soon. And yes (for all you crazed Hazia lovers), Hazia will get some booty too. Trust.

3. The Banshee story. This is for a Halloween Contest. Yes, that one. If I don't have to keep it up for a certain reason, then I will send it off to a publisher, because I like it that much. Like for real, send it to a real publisher. Awww mah gahd. Yeah, I know. When I finish it, I'll let you know what I've decided. :)

4. Yes, I will give Yes, Master an ending. That will come after the finale of Dan and Rowe and before the next chapter of Telija. I'm not gonna leave that poor boy unconscious with Olly becoming manager of the city. That would be a horrible ending. I promised you hot dom sex and you will get it. On a stick with some sauce, delicious. Done.

5. In case you didn't get the memo, Knox and Isaac are up next. Oh yes. I don't need to say anything else here to tell you how freckin excited I am about it. Best pair ever! For now...muahahahaha

Okay, that's all the preaching I feel up for tonight. BTW, I left some amazing replies to my RECEIVING READER REVIEWS POST. Night Tempest, out.


Disclaimer: I do not own the below photos, nor do I claim to own them by sharing them on my blog. All rights are reserved to the models/actors and the photographers who took them. If you find any problem with me posting these on my blog, please contact me by email, and I will remove them immediately. Thanks.

Actor Lucas Till as Adam Jackson

I have no name for this model, but if you know it, email me. This is my Perry Olivette.
Perry hauled his fist back and struck. Joe Mayfield landed on his ass with a howl, clutching his cheek in pain.

“Don’t nobody talk shit about my boys.” He scuffed his boot in the dirt, gravel and dust flying over the seething man on the ground. Taking it to the grass, Perry grabbed fistfuls of Joe’s shirt. “You gonna go up there and apologize, you over the bridge piece of trash.”

The boys from Leighton County rooted for Joe to get off the ground, their legs silhouetted from the lights of their pick-up. Mason and Sam tried to haul Perry off of Joe, but it was no use. This fight was a long time coming and no one was about to put the fire out of Perry.

“I ain’t gonna apologize to them fags. They prance about kissing each other. They’re asking for it.” Joe spit in Perry’s face and it was on.

“What the fuck you say?” Mason spit to the side. He suddenly lost his niceties. To hell with Joe’s face, he sneered.

One of Joe’s buddies stepped forward. “He said we don’t like you fags running around.”

“That’s what I thought he said.” Mason grinned before rushing the fool to the ground.

Sam rolled his eyes, tossing his favorite University of Kentucky hat to the ground. “Can’t beat em’, might as well join em’.”

He let out a howl into the night, a good old boy victory cheer as the last piece of Leighton trash came for him.

Perry’s eyes stung with the connection of Joe’s ring to his face, a sudden gash to the side of his eye leaking into his sight. Joe Mayfield was the scum of the earth. Tonight he wasn’t about to get away with it. Always calling Noah fag this and fag that, homos don’t have no place here and what not. Not to mention he’d fooled around with Noah back in high school then told everyone Noah done assaulted him. It had taken every iota of willpower he had not to kill the little dick back then. Now, there wasn’t a soul out here that would stop him.

Red and blue lights flashed around them, the whoop of an old squad car, and the slam of a door.. Perry looked up, momentarily distracted, and took a hit to the jaw that knocked him over.

“That is enough!” Sheriff Beauchamp shouted into his old megaphone. “Ya’ll get up off your asses and line up.”

Perry saw stars, rolling over onto his hands and knees. Like the little bitch he was, Joe Mayfield scattered away, joining his banged up boys by the truck.

“Mason Pierson, by the lord almighty boy, your mama is gonna shit bricks for a month when she hears about this.” Beauchamp put the megaphone down as the boys obeyed.

“Ah hell, Sheriff, we was just having a little conversation. Ain’t nothing doing,” Mason argued.

Beauchamp grabbed the radio from his shoulder like a threat. “Now I know you didn’t just back talk me, boy.”

“No sir.” Mason hung his head. This was not good. His old flame, Suzanna, well…her daddy wasn’t one to be messed with.

“And you.” The Sheriff pointed. “You Bob Mayfield’s boy?”

“Uh yes, sir.” Joe nodded, wiping the blood from his nose.

“What are you doing all the way over here in Shermin? I know your daddy ain’t fond of the area.” Beauchamp knew the preacher and his family were all about preaching against the gay community. Thou shall not this and that, bunch a hooey to the Sherriff, but he knew these boys were up to no good.

“We were just havin a little fun is all. Just about to leave, you see.”

“Like hell you were. Step away from the truck boys.” He shined a flashlight in their faces. Besides the blood and sweat, he smelled the booze clear across the way.

“You ain’t got no right to go in our truck.” One boy stepped forward.

“Oh really? You got something to hide?” The flashlight pointed right in the boy’s eyes.

“No, you just don’t have the right.”

“Actually I do.” Beauchamp smiled. “You boys been drinking this evening? Cause I’m about to find out. This is your chance to tell me the truth.”

Perry got to his feet, a little unsteady, but he was standing. His brother Sam grabbed onto his arm, pulling him slowly back to where Mason stood with a scowl. “You alright?”

“He really gave it to me with that last hit.” Perry wobbled.

“Whoa, Sherriff? I think Perry might need some medical attention.” Sam tried to help his brother stay standing, but he was going limp.

“Perry? Son, you alright?” Beauchamp flicked the flashlight to Perry. Blood rushed from a gash to the side of his face—a gash that he deduced came from the big old cross ring on Joe Mayfield’s finger. Before he could move, Perry clutched his stomach and hurled into the grass. He was so dizzy. His head felt like it weighed a ton.

The Sheriff grabbed his radio and clicked the button. “Benny, get on up to Ferry Crossing. We got a situation.” He listened to his deputy reply before going over to Perry. “Ya’ll get him up to the house. We’ll send someone on by to have a look at him.”

“Yes, sir,” Sam and Mason chimed.

“Now that ain’t right!” Joe declared. “That fag lover started this shit in the first place.”

Beauchamp smiled at Mason with a tip of his hat. “Go on now.” He turned to Joe and his boys. “Fag lover? Is that right? Let’s just see what we got in your truck there preacher’s boy.”

As Sam stepped on the gas down the road, with his brother and Mason in the bed, Sherriff Beauchamp held up two opened bottles of liquor to the Leighton boys. “Well, look what we got here.”


Adam Jackson slammed the door to his Honda and huffed up the steps to the Paola family home or one of their homes actually. Todd’s jeep was in the driveway, but no one else was there. So much for you visiting your parents, Adam fumed. He had heard from a few friends back home about Todd’s activities as of late, had seen a few pictures he’d texted around as well. Sweet little love shack he had here, Adam mused with a roll of his eyes.

He whipped open the screen door and pounded like the beat of drum. “Todd! I know you’re in there, you son of a bitch. Get out here!”

Something broke inside, a glass, a lamp maybe? Footsteps thudded around, hushed voices, a door slammed. The front door swung open and Todd stood there looking fresh of sex, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“What a nice surprise, baby. Sorry, I was just in the shower…” Todd hissed as a slap like thunder whipped across his face. His boyfriend let his hand drop as demon spun nightmares in his baby blue eyes.

“In the shower? My ass! Who the fuck is here?” Adam pushed Todd aside, entering unfamiliar territory—a nice living room, cozy yet expensive with plush carpeting. Squinting his eyes with fury, Adam looked from side to side. A whisper came from the hallway, snapping his head in the direction of the bedroom.

“Now look, baby. It’s not what you think. Just a friend of the family staying the night while he was in town and…”

Adam laughed. “A friend of the family just so happened to come to this rinky dink town and spread his legs for you? Well isn’t that rich?”

“Adam.” Todd tried to block the hallway. He was pushed to the side by his boyfriend, a fury of blonde rushing past him.

Even in the dark of the room he barged into, Adam could clearly see the man struggling to put his pants on. He flicked on the light with a scowl. A middle aged man smiled at him. Not even good looking, Adam growled.

“Uh, hello there. You must be Adam. Todd’s told me a lot of about you.”

Adam’s jaw dropped before he screamed through his teeth. He turned to Todd, mad as hell. “Two years! Two fucking years of my life you wasted. I must be the most na├»ve person in the world to not know you are a two timing scum bag man whore! I couldn’t believe the pictures, the rumors. I had to see for myself and guess what? They were right!” He pushed Todd into the door, going to the front of the house again. “We’re done!”

“Adam! Adam honey, just listen to me. We can work this out.”

“The hell we will! No one makes a fool out me, Todd Paola, and when I get back to Frankfort, everyone is gonna know just how big a whore you are.” Adam slammed the door, leaving Todd staring at it.

Behind the wheel of his car, Adam pulled out of the drive, and gunned it out onto the road. Angry as all get out, he didn’t see the truck barreling towards him, but he had a moment of shock to see the headlights growing bigger.

A loud crash sent Adam spinning off the road. His seatbelt pulled tight to his chest, bruising his ribs and everything they protected. The airbag went off in his face. His head bounced back into seat and everything went fuzzy. He could hear the shouting, saw someone running to him, but his mind went blank and his eyes closed. Pain and sleep consumed him.

“Fuck!” Sam got the truck door open, noting the damage to his truck, and ran to the car. “Oh my God, Mason! Call Pop and Mama. Call someone!”


  1. Oh Perry is beautiful:) Great teaser. Love this series and I am going to have to go back to reread the others.

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  6. Awesome start!!!
    In the last story people guessed either Adam or Perry would get the next story. Putting them together makes everyone happy,lol, :D
    Todd is such a piece of shit....
    Looking forward to this.

  7. Oh wow, now that is a teaser!! Woohoo for all the things you stated above-My Telija, and Shermin Heights, and Banshee, and Knox and Isaac!!! Oh jeez, I can't wait!!! A full line-up of GREAT stories!!! :)
    How have you been feelin? I hope much better!!

  8. I read this before work this morning an I almost made myself late >_< But I'm so excited - that's an awesome preview and I can't wait to read the next Shermin Heights story. It's such an amazing series! I just hope you deliver a HEA because you write the best ones ever :) But I don't know how patient I can be - damn previews making me greedy and wanting more ;) Thanks for this post though, can't wait for all your upcoming stuff. You rock <3

  9. omg night i'm so pumped for this - for everything. i'm super pumped for things to come.especially that dom sex with olly and Tate, yum, yum!

  10. Ok, I totally agree with the above comment. Excited for everything but especially excited for hot dom sex with Olly and Tate. Actually, I'm always excited for dom sex, with anyone so Knox and Isaac's story should be lots of fun. :D

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