Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PREVIEW: Dan and Rowe Chapter 8

Hey everyone~

I've been really out of sorts lately and I thank you all for being so patient. I'm sorry that my blogging schedule has been up and down as well. I haven't been writing as much these past few weeks due to the fact that I'm sleeping most of the time, but I figured that you deserved a little teaser for the next chapter. 

Before I get to that, a few things:

Yes, Master. I know everyone wanted an ending and I have almost finished the short version for the blog. When I first started the story I mentioned that I would keep the full ending off for when I formatted it for publishing. Which I know is a loooonnnggg way off, but at least this will give you some sort of closure. :) I'll post that the second week of September. 

My Telija. That will also be starting back up in September or rather I'll be finishing it. Thank you so much for being patient with that one. It's a very complicated story to write and it needs a lot of time on my part. 

Knox and Isaac. We will begin flip flopping this story back and forth with My Telija in September as Chapter 9 will be the last in the Dan and Rowe saga. Both happy and sad about that, because I love those boys so much.

Also I have been posting some of the quickies/Sexy Sunday Snacks to Lit just for fun. If you wanted to view them again, My Lit tab is at the top of the screen.

FANGSPACE...I owe you guys one hell of a post and yes, I will be getting to it this week. Fangspace probably takes more time than writing does and I haven't felt up to it to be honest. Not in particularly comical  mood as of late. Lol. 

Alright, thanks guys. Love you all. 



His fingers drummed over the desk. A murderous look on his face as the impatience began to build. Ghost waited for the call from J.J. He had to hear the tip one of the guys had gotten off the streets. Rowe had forbid him from dealing with Grant until after Dan’s turn was done, but J.J. was not under his rule. Fuck this, Ghost thought with a growl. Grant’s number looked back at him on his cell. Just dial, no one will know, he mused. What if they were too late? What if Grant was onto them, knew they knew about him.
He had to know where the kid was. He had to know where his…
“What am I going to do?” He threw his phone across the desk, knowing he wouldn’t go against Rowe’s wishes. The prince had enough of his own problems without Ghost creating a few more.
He whispered a plea of help to the ceiling, knowing he wouldn’t receive a reply. None of his questions were ever answered unless he found them himself. Relying on someone else when he could be out there hunting the streets was killing him. All Ghost needed was a name or a phone number and he could track that kid to Middle Earth if he had to.
Against the wall, his phone buzzed. Ghost’s hand shot out, gripped the phone, and took a deep breath before answering.
“Markos?” One word from his best friend and Ghost knew J.J.’s mood was serious. Shit was steadily flowing down the hill with no drain to let it go. Eventually they were going to be in over their heads.
Ghost closed his eyes. “Tell me.”
“Lotty got something, someone to be more precise.” J.J. was cryptic, deciding on the other end how to word it just right.
“Just tell me already,” Ghost hissed.
“You don’t have to call Grant. We have him here.”
Ghost stood from his chair so fast, the rolling seat hit the wall with a smack across the office. “What?”
“One of Lotty’s guys gave us a building number up the street, said one Uncle Grant and one kid matching the picture lived there. The kid, his nephew, is always around, watching people, talking. Always has a recorder and a camera on him. He’s been watching us, Markos. The entire time, even before all this shit started. That kid knows all about the Cartel. Lotty heard that and went snooping. Found the building, told a neighbor he needed to get an urgent message to Grant and our boys were in the front door. When Grant came home, we were waiting for him. He had no where to run.”
“I’m on my way,” Ghost growled.
“No, Markos. This is on our turf. Stay with your boys. We got this for now.”
Your turf! What the fuck does that mean, Juan?”
“It means although I love you and you’ll always be a part of us, your loyalties are elsewhere now. They need you there and we got this here. Understand?”
“No, I don’t, and I’ll be damned if you hold onto the only key I have at this point to finding that kid. You won’t keep him from me," the Guardian growled. He heard a slight crunch under his fingers. His grip on the phone was violent.
J.J. sighed. “I’m not keeping him from you. I’m handling this while you take care of your people. That’s what being a leader means. I know you’ve followed me, followed the Cartel’s rule for so long that you don’t know how to stand apart, but things are different now. You are the leader now. You have duties, responsibilities—people beneath you that need you.”
“Why are you doing this?” Ghost found the chair behind him and sank into it.
“Because now is not the time for you to take off and abandon them for this kid. I know how you get—focused and lose interest in everything around you except for your target. I know what he means to you, if the mating thing is true, I get it. Lotty is working on Grant’s phone, the erased data, and I’m going to talk with him…nicely. We’ll find your kid, Markos. You stay put. Let me do this for you.”
Ghost’s grip on the chair was white knuckled. Although he was mad as hell, Juan was right. He didn’t have the luxury of taking off right now. He had no other choice, but to stay. “ you know his name at least?”
“Ghost…” J.J. warned.
Before this ever happened, Ghost would have never thought to lower himself to begging, but now he wasn’t so above it. “Please,” he whispered hoarsely.
“Gabriel. The kid’s name is, Gabriel.” The line went dead and Ghost put his face in his hands. Unfamiliar tears slipped through his fingers. Gabriel


  1. First off I hope u r feeling better and that is the most important thing:) This teaser shows that this ch is going 2 kick ass, love Ghost.

  2. I had hoped for more on my favourite couple not Ghost but beggers can't be chosers I suppose! Cool preview though! Sigh.

  3. Oh Night, I know how the hard the recovery process can be, so please take care of yourself and give it all the time you need to get better.
    Fangspace- what can I say? I am fully addicted to the funny things your characters send each other, but even better, I love it that you have given us visuals for the story so that when you write about characters such as Ghost, I can see him in my mind.
    This preview was spectacular, and I can't wait to read the full chapter. You have left all sorts of intriguing info for future stories about your vamp world- because we know the danger isn't going to end with Dan and Rowe. This is a long-running war, and you have so many "minor" characters to draw from to write about- Nova, Blaze, Ghost, etc.

  4. The most important thing is for you to get well Night, don't be stressing yourself out about getting stuff written and posted. We'll be here to read it whenever you feel up to posting :)I would never miss reading any of your work, especially Fangspace ;)

    Awesome preview, looks like it'll be another fantatic chapter :D

    Sending you *hugs*
    Mo x

  5. Night, great to hear your doing much better. No need to apologise for your posting being off, we totally understand. The important thing is your recovery. I am happy with whatever you give us in the meantime.
    That was a nice teaser. Ghost deserves someone,just like everyone else. I like how we are seeing this new side to him, he was always so reserved before.
    Looking forward to the new chapter.


  6. I will repeat what the others are saying. Take care of you and yours first and get to writing as /when you can and feel up to it!

    I did love the reread of the Lupe story at Lit. Mmmmmm. And this peak into the next chapter is lovely.

    Take care and will love to read what you write when you write!

  7. I love Ghost! Will he have his own story named after himself as well? Or will you skip 23 years into the future to Knox after this story and Ghost will have worked everything out by then? I hope not! A dark assassin needs to be acknowledged as well! Loved this preview. Take care of yourself.
    Relena :D

  8. Hey! Glad to hear from you! Hope you are getting better. After healthy food, sleep is the most important for healing. You certainly don't need to apologize for it.

    Write as you feel better. The previews have been great but don't feel like you 'owe' us a chap or posting. I would gurantee your fans and audience (who are also friends) are going nowhere( well to be more accurate you go with us on phones,pads and laptops,etc.---so no, you will not be forgotten). From the sounds of the posts I think I might be one of your more elder fans---if I can wait for you to get better so can others. Which is not to say my *inner beast* isn't still growling and demanding the whole rest of the story; I just keep beating him back with re-reads and speculation.

    Fangspace is enjoyable but I can see how it would be tiring especially if you're trying to to be funny and you're not in the right zone to do it. It's ok if we don't see it for awhile. (Or maybe turn it into a real melodrama/soap opera, so dead serious it's funny?!! Just a thought).

    Yes, Night, we will be glad to see you writing again on a more consistent schedule. But, Honey, not at the expense of your health or family. I speak from experience when I say putting work ahead of health and family just doesn't 'cut it'. Life has a way of coming back around and demanding attention be given family and health.

    Enough 'mom' lecture. From the looks of your last preview it looks like a another wild ride, clutching kleenex in one hand and heart in the other.

    Very much looking forward to it! So, pardon me I need to go buy some more tissues and look for that superglue for my poor breaking heart...(Rowen,you get that boy turned; Knox, you take care of Isaac till he's ready to take you on as mate,poor child. Don't you boys screw-up and make me come over there and beat you with my kleenex box...)

    *hug* and *big peck on the cheek* ,nite Night.

  9. Sometime I feel that the minor characters are taking over from the main characters. I would love to have seen more of Dan and Rowe in the Dan and Rowe story.

  10. I love it Night :) SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I can't wait to see Ghost and Gabriel get together.... so adorable :) And I'm so sad that the story of Dan and Rowe is ending but at least they will be mentioned in the Isaac and Knox story. I can't wait. :D