Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday! The Great Mage (Week 7)

Happy Friday!  For most of you Friday is a wonderful thing because that means Saturday comes next... WEEKEND!  But for some of us lowly, grumbling, middle-of-the-road peeps it means another day of work.  So, I dedicate this Flash Fiction Friday to all of you weekend warriors.  I hope this little sexy bit will keep you chugging along until your next day off.  And if you're especially good (Santa is watching) I'll give you an extra special sneak peek of the next Second City Tale on Monday.  Oh yes.  *rubs hands* It's good.  To me at least.  Maybe not you.  Hell, I don't know. *shrugs*

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Here is this week's prompt.  Use one of these locations in your story as you wish.

Anain Fortress
Doeoak Crossings
Enandr Strait
Arokus Hill
Matran Bluff

Flash Fiction Friday Bloggers:

The Great Mage: Week 6

“Seth!”  Aneris tried to pull himself away by gripping the bars near his head.  Seth’s rumble as he dipped his face to Aneris’s stomach wasn’t helpful.  “Seth, stop it.”  Aneris bopped him on the head a few times.  His cloak was peeled away from his skin like wrapping paper on a gift.  Aneris gulped as Seth’s red eyes narrowed up at him.

As much as he enjoyed Seth’s touches, Aneris feared this strange burst of sexual attention from Seth was due to the white smoke continuing to curl from the tiny shattered bottle on the ground.  Seth was under some sort of spell.  Aneris used his cloak to cover his mouth so as not to inhale.  He noticed after a few minutes of Seth’s groping to get his pants off that the smoke shied away from Seth.

Using his free hand, Aneris reached out and grabbed Seth by the chin.  “Look at me,” he commanded.

Red eyes snapped to attention.  Seth crawled closer until their faces were inches apart.  “Must… take…”  Seth turned his head, gritting his teeth.  His eyes widened.  He sucked in air and shook his head.  “I’m sorry,” he pleaded on a growl.  “I can’t stop.”  His lashes fluttered with another gasp for delicious air.

“What was in that bottle, dammit?”

Seth rumbled, sounding not himself.  He lowered his head to Aneris’s chest, growling as he rubbed his cheek there.  “The fog isn’t fog.”

“Am I supposed to know what that means?”  The Mage gasped when Seth’s hand twisted in the ties holding his leathers together.  “Seth, stop!  Oh…”  His eyes shut.  His mouth went wide as he realized he’d dropped his cloak from his mouth.  The smoke curled around his head and he hummed.  “Oh, that feels nice.”

“The trees…”  Seth whipped his head up, fighting the mating call.  “The white trees, they release sap, sap that releases natural pheromones and acts as a protective fog when the temperature drops and reacts to the warmth of the mated males.  It never affects me like the others!  They have been mating for a month already.  I have never known this with another. ” Seth keened, warring with his hands as he tried to keep them on the floor.

Aneris was rubbing his groin against Seth from underneath.  “Mating fog, yes, that explains everything.”  He laughed hysterically.  The fog refused to spare him the high riding his body.  “Touch me, Setherum.”  He swallowed the air greedily, grabbing Seth’s hand to place on his bare chest.

“I must fight it.”  Seth scattered away.  He flattened his arms to the wall.  “This is dark magic.  I should not feel the call to you like this.  You are not Shifter.  I am barely one myself!  Sylvius surely planned this trap.”

Aneris let his cloak pool around him on the straw bed, kneeling before Seth.  He licked his lips, unclipping the leather sash from his chest, and was careful the bottles attached to it didn’t break when he stored it in the corner.  His red hair bathed in lantern light and tinged with fog, his bare chest decorated with thick bands of tribal tattoos, and his lips full and ready, Aneris looked like a sumptuous Sidhe Fae begging to be taken under the solstice stars.  He held up his fingers.  Between them was a card.

Seth snatched the paper up.  With a snarl he dropped it.  “Damn him.  This wasn’t how I wanted it, that magical fool.  What does the Gamemaster believe he’s doing?!”

“But you did want me, right?”  Aneris ran a hand down his chest, under the trance of tree pheromones that pushed the Shifters to mate.

Even in a haze of fog and victim of the Gamemaster’s little trick, Seth knew even magic couldn’t force lust, love, or bring anything back the dead.  The only way for magic to work with love or lust was for the desire to already reside in a person.  All the Gamemaster was doing, Seth recognized with a hungry grin, was bringing together what was already there.  He wanted Seth to feel one with his kind.  He wanted Aneris to trust in Seth completely.  They both needed courage and confidence for what was to come, to rely on each other in every way.  And what was more intimate and trusting than two people who cared for each other coming together as one?

Seth roamed Aneris’s body with his eyes, quick to return to his fingers undoing the ties of Aneris’s pants.  Seth crawled forward.  The fog rolled away from him, surrounding them both like a curtain, shutting out anything else.  He got to his knees, resting his hands on Aneris’s narrow hips.  His thumbs toyed under the leather, rubbing circles as he put his lips to Aneris’s neck.  “I have longed for you,” he growled.

“Me too,” Aneris admitted, wondering where his nerve was coming from.

He’d been so scared to tell Seth how he felt.  And the rejection after the first attempt made him hide his true feelings.  But the more time Aneris spent with Seth, the more helpless he felt around him.  The flirtatious bickering came natural.  The way he gripped Seth’s body as they rode Fia through the trees made him warm inside.  The smile Seth gave him every time he turned around made Aneris hunger for more.  And now here they were, spelled to give in to the passion that was already there between them.   

Seth’s teeth grazed over smooth flesh, up the column of Aneris’s neck until he was able to nibble on his ear.  Aneris licked his lips, cupping Seth’s shoulders.  “Take me.”



Aneris sank to the bed in offering, out of his mind with unbridled lust.  He spread his knees, planting his feet on the straw filled bed.  He raised his hands over his head, crossing the leather cuffs on his wrists in submission.  He was so nervous he could barely contain the jitters, but the potion had worked his magic, refusing to let Aneris look away from Seth’s heated crimson stare.  “Please,” he repeated.

Seth slapped his hands to both sides of Aneris’s head.  He breathed heavily, leaning down to lick along Aneris’s bottom lip.  “You will not have the energy to ride with me in the morning if I fulfill my take of you; much less conquer Death Valley and all it possesses.  I shall settle to hear you moan my name and sample the flavor of your passion on my tongue.  I will remember this night all day tomorrow and think of you as I raise my sword to our enemy, giving me reason to continue this quest and smile another day.  Once we have crossed the valley and safely ride to Doeoak Crossings, I will claim your body completely as my victory reward.”

Aneris shivered, pressing a hand to Seth’s chest.  “Yes,” he hissed.  “Fuck, just touch me.”  He trailed his other hand down Seth’s back, wanting more than anything to lick the scales rippling under his fingers.

Seth growled, yanking Aneris’s leathers down to his thighs.  The hard length he saw nestled between Aneris’s legs beckoned a ferocious snarl from his throat.  He lifted the Mage’s legs, pulling the twisted leathers off entirely before unstrapping his own.  Everything became about time, as if they didn’t have enough of it.  He required his little mage’s skin on his, sliding together, catching and twisting with sweat.

Aneris gazed up at Seth, besotted with his strong body.  He wasn’t overly large and muscled.  Setherum’s long torso and defined abs, with his strong arms and gorgeous Shifter eyes were enough for Aneris.  It took him a few moments to comprehend he was entirely nude, staring at his equally nude… lover.  He smiled at the thought, he and Seth together in such a way.  It was scary and beautiful and everything in between.  Up until three days ago Aneris was the guy who was scared to undress in the locker room at the gym for fear of anyone seeing him in his underwear.  Now he was comfortably sprawled out for Seth, naked as the day he was born, and he couldn’t have been more secure about it.

Seth seemed equally nervous, yet somehow confident, as he allowed his weight to settle on Aneris’s body, aligning their groins together so heatedly that Aneris wanted to close his eyes and cry out from the single touch.  Instead of making a fool as a prisoner of a spell, he accepted Seth’s kiss to eat away at his verbal deliverance.  Seth’s arms hooked under Aneris’s, hands curling over his shoulders to hold him close.

The half Dragon Shifter began to rock, snaking his leg under Aneris’s to get even closer.  Aneris arched in his embrace, too sensitized to care any longer what kind of a fool he looked.  Only Seth watched him.  Only Seth desired him.  Only Seth…

Aneris parted his lips for Seth’s tongue.  He fought back with his own; skimming their tongues together until he didn’t believe it was enough contact for him.  His hands slipped into Seth’s hair, gripping and twisting the strands, urging Seth to grind against him harder.  When Aneris bent his knees, lifting his feet off the bed, Seth took the offering and rut against his mate as hard as he could.

A long moan sliced through the room.  Neither of them could decipher whose it was, and neither of them cared.  The fog swam in circles around them, making it harder to breathe.  The temperature rose, an oven of a room in which they pushed against each other.  Sweat clung to their bodies.  Seth picked up Aneris’s knees, forcing his mate into a helpless position as he glided his cock over his mate’s ass with a mighty roar from his lips.

Aneris thrust back to meet Seth every time his hips rolled.  His hand could only maintain their spot against the bars to keep his head from knocking into them.  His head was tilted back, soul piercing moans by way of his open mouth like a man possessed and wanting more.  Aneris couldn’t fight the shake of his legs as one was thrown over Seth’s shoulder.  Seth leaned back to grind them together with the force of a god.  When he wrapped a strong hand around both of their cocks, Aneris mewled then huffed, eyes crossing in pleasure.

“Come for me, Aneris.  I want to taste it,” Seth hissed, shaking out his sweaty hair.  His red eyes glowed so bright, Aneris was sure he possessed all the fire in the world.  The Red Knight’s hand stroked them quickly, rough and unrelenting, leaving Aneris without air in his lungs.  Aneris took one gasping breath, staring at his lover’s outstanding body and the heat Seth’s eyes promised in the future.  Aneris bucked in Seth’s hand, jets of white bursting from the head of his cock to hit his chest and chin.

“Seth!”  His mouth opened again, only a choking noise squeaking by.  Aneris’s rigid fingers were already on Seth’s cock, pulling up hard, aiming for his chest again to feel the heat of lover’s release on his skin.  He watched Seth with wide eyes.  Seth tensed, digging his nails into Aneris’s knees as he barked a curse, spending his seed.  Entranced, Aneris continued to stroke, milking Seth of every drop.  Studying the fluid mingling on his skin, he then looked at Seth.

Seth hung his head before smiling from under his fallen bangs.   He pressed his face to Aneris’s belly, rumbling his gratitude, tongue catching every drop of seed on his tongue.  Aneris closed his eyes, breathing deep through his nose before he could whisper his lover’s name.  “Setherum.”

Seth reached Aneris’s lips, kissing him so he could taste himself.  “Spell or no spell, you truly know how I feel about you now.  No magic could ever create this grip on my heart, only you, my little mage.”

“Seth,” Aneris whispered, his eyes heavy with sleep.

Seth kissed his forehead and everything went dark.

To be continued…


  1. As a fellow weekendless individual this helps get me through. Actually it makes me squirm in my seat and hope no one can make out the naughty words from their vantage point. Love this saucy chapter and ohhhh Shelter Me preview on Monday happy dance!

  2. Hot! Seriously hot! Love these two, great chemistry (even without the extra magic help!)

    - Faolin

  3. Scorching, Night! That naughty GameMaster lol he's tipping the, er, scales for our heros. Good for him! :) Can't wait for next week.

  4. So steamy hot! I love the increasing passion these guys have for each other!