Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hedgewater: My new series is up!!

Hey everyone!  How's it going out there?  I've been working hard to finish up the first draft of Cade, on top of my other work, and I'm extremely excited for this new project I've been working on.  If you guys didn't catch the first episode I pushed out last month as a teaser, then you're in luck.  Now you'll have two episodes to enjoy back to back.

I mentioned before that this piece is going to be a soap opera and I think that turned a few of you off.  But I sincerely hope you'll give it a read because it's more of a nighttime drama than anything.  :)  I also created a seperate page for this project.  You can view it here.

For those of you who did read the first episode, the second episode is up now.  Click here> Episode 2

So enjoy a visit to Hedgewater and dive into their twisted world of lies, pretty men, and murder.  Muahahaha.  LOL.  Okay, have a good one guys!  I'll chat with you all later.


~xX Night

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