Thursday, April 25, 2013

April's Book Club Discussion: His Heart to Reap by: Erin Lark

Hey everyone!  Welcome to this month's book club discussion.  The book this month was His Heart to Reap by: Erin Lark.  Before we get to my review, and before you leave a comment, please read the following guidelines:


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We'll be rating the book on a five star scale, five being you loved it, one being you did not.  You can include your rating with your review.

If you have not read this book, please try not to skip down to the comments section.  This is your warning that there will most likely be spoilers.

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The last thing I ask is that you guys suggest a book for next month along with your review.  I'm looking for books that have been published this year or will be out by the first week of April 2013.  All suggestions must be M/M. When I have enough suggestions, I'll post them in a poll next week.

Onto the main event...

Aiden has been deceased for three years, living in a parallel world to our own, known as limbo.  Forced to stay in limbo, because he can't seem to take care of his unfinished business and move on to heaven, he works as a reaper, helping others in limbo try to move on.  When his best friend and former crush, Brandon, appears in limbo after his sudden death, Aiden is faced with a huge obstacle.  Should he take Brandon on as a client, risking his feelings being exposed to the man he never told, and lose his job and memories in the process, or should he continue an existence of loneliness until his door to heaven comes?  Whenever that might be...

***Night's Review***

This was a good afternoon read that I tore through in a couple of hours.  It was light and sweet, but lacking in real romance or plot.  I thought Aiden was a bit flat in the personality department.  He was kind of a robot, really, and that may have just stemmed from his pseudo-psychiatrist role to the newly dead.  I understood that he'd loved Brandon for the better part of his life, but I didn't feel it.  And Brandon seemed to just waltz into limbo like he knew what was coming.  To me, Brandon stepped into his sexuality with Aiden pretty lightly.  If I just found out I was dead, and that I wanted to be with a guy for the first time as a man, that I loved him on top of it all...I think I'd be a bit more emotional than he was.  Sure, the sex was hot, but I didn't feel true chemistry between them.  Of course, this is just my opinion, and for the most part I thought they were cute together.

I know this is a novella, but I think it would have flourished as a novel.  The concept of death and the afterlife, with such a parallel world Mrs. Lark created, wasn't fully realized to me.  I didn't really feel a sense of authority from the head reaper either, only more of a rumor of his power.  I thought Miles, the head reaper, was going to play more of a role in the story, as the main plot source, because he was the one holding Aiden and Brandon's future in his hands, but he didn't.  I wanted a little more of a fight, I guess.  Maybe that's the action seeker in me. *shrug*  Still, the story just kind of drifted up until the last few pages with a quirky turn that led Miles to tell Aiden it was all going to be fine, that he and Brandon were meant to be together, and that Aiden was being promoted.

One part of this story I did enjoy was Aiden's interaction with his client, Emily.  I think she was the most emotional character out of the story, and it was the only time Aiden truly opened up to another person.  I did think it was weird he would reveal his innermost thoughts to her rather than Brandon, but was nice to see another side of Aiden, other than his dominating work persona, slash, lonely moodiness.

I don't mean to cut this book down.  For what it was, the story was a cleanly written, easy going, friends to lovers tale. I only wish the reaper theme would have been amped up a little, as well as the romantic emotions.

All in all I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars, and hope for either an expanded version in the future, or perhaps an in-depth sequel.  

What did you guys think?

Love you all and have a great week!!  ~xX Night


  1. Well, I am not an author by any stretch of the imagination and I rate the books I read on the entertainment alone. I give this book a solid 4. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It did feel a bit like a Family Channel movie though, good plot, but smooth and easy. What angst that occured was resolved smoothly and easily. Lthet, fun, easy read.

  2. I read this twice. First when I bought it, a few weeks ago, and again, today. I did enjoy it but on re-reading, thought it was a little two-dimensional. It had great potential with it's themes of, death, after-life, regret and second chances; however I thought it lacked the emotional depth needed for them. The interaction between Aiden and Emily was good but everything else seemed to be glossed over. Especially the reasons why Aiden, himself, couldn't 'move on' I am aware that it would take a novel of much greater length to do it justice.

    I'm not sure I will spend much time thinking about afterwards, which, to me is a good indicator of a great read. Having said that, it was a quick, entertaining read. I give it 3 stars

  3. I read this story one evening when I had some time.
    It was a nice read but it was lacking in some areas. The chemistry was only partially and it did not flow as well as I would have hoped.
    The concept was solid and I did like the characters.
    Would be interested in reading a sequel that develops the world and characters some more.
    3.5 Stars