Friday, April 5, 2013

April's Book Club Choice

Some of you may have been looking for the book club poll this week, wondering where the hell it is.  Well... I didn't post one.  To make things simpler for me this month, I hope it's okay if I choose the book this time... just this once.  ;)  I'm going to be looking for free reads to post sometime this month, too.  If you guys know of any gems, leave a comment below.  They can be from anywhere.  Amateur works are welcome.  Okay, so on with the show.  In lieu of the poll, and because I think we needed to give other genres a chance (other than contemporary), I chose...

His Heart to Reap by: Erin Lark

This one sounds pretty cool, and this is a new to me author, so we're all going into the unknown here.  :)  I've listed the buy links below, along with the general info.

Publisher: Loose ID
Price: $4.99

Buy Links:

There wasn't a BN link for you all of you Nook users, but if you download the book from Loose ID you'll be offered a variety of formats to use.

As usual, I'll be posting my review and leaving the floor open for comments on the book the last week of the month.  Check back later for an official date in the book club tab to the right.  I'm still working out a blog schedule around my own, so bear with me.  Thanks guys!

Happy reading!!

~xX Night


  1. This looks like it could be a good read. Looking forward to it.

    All Romance e-books has a bunch of free reads. I just grabbed A Lesson in Truth

  2. Looks very interesting.
    Will give it a read fore sure. :)

    The only free reads I can think of right now is the "Love is always Write" set of anthologies on Goodreads. Its over 100 free stories provided by the M/M romance group.

  3. My absolutely favorite stories is freebies,Yay!! But i would/will gladly pay to read them!

    Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier. Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union's last war in Afghanistan. This epic spans across over twenty-five years of their lives.

    The same author also written a fanfic for James Bond and his quatermaster,Vita Mortis by
    Marquesate & TABrown


    Erotic Spice-An ongoing storyblog. It has almost 300 chapters, but nothing i written since maj 2011. But the storie is so good, it is worth the read.


    Close Protection by Cordelia Kingsbridge
    A bodyguard's life is turned upside down by his intriguing new charge. COMPLETE! This story i good!


    Like two ships passing in the night—if one was a narrowboat and the other a luxury yacht.


    Perfect one-night stand is more than he appears.


    Thats it folks, i think its something for everyone :)

    I also have a bookclub tip: Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan That book i hawt!