Thursday, September 19, 2013

Night is having technical difficulties...

For the past week I've been screwed out of my nighttempest gmail and haven't been able to deliver the prompt -which was a freebie week anyway - to the other bloggers.  At first I was just receiving failure to deliver notices in response to my sent emails and now I'm locked out completely.  I've sent Google a message, because this isn't the first time I've had trouble with the account, and I am now waiting anxiously for some news.  So to the FFF bloggers - if you're reading this - I am SO sorry for the inconvenience.  To our readers, I'll be posting links up tomorrow night (Friday evening) with everyone's blogs.

Bloggers: If you do get this message, just continue on with your story as normal, no prompt, or leave up what you already have and we'll try again next week.

Again, I am so sorry about this.  I'm a bit pissed off myself.  :(  *Hugs*  See you tomorrow night with FFF.


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