Thursday, December 20, 2012

Night's Top 10 Winter Skin Care Must Haves

Hey guys!  I thought it would be fun, as I'm in the beauty industry, to give you a rundown of my favorite winter products.  The winter can be brutal on everyone, chapped lips, dry skin,  and all of the not so fun things that come along with cold weather.  I've created a little list of products for both guys and girls, complete with links, pics, and prices.  Maybe you'll find something that strikes your fancy.  ;)

1.  Take A Deep Breath by Philosophy

This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for sensitive skin.  Oil free.  Gel Cream product, which is my fave combo because of how smooth and penetrating it is. Not greasy like a lot of moisturizers.  Best part about it, no crazy smell to it.  I hate cleansers, moisturizers, and such with stinky perfumes.  This one is light with no floral or musk. I'd call it barely there. Perfect for daily use.

2 oz. $32 Buy Here

2.  Mox Botanicals Lip Butter

This lip butter is smooth, colorless, and non-greasy.  Wears really well, especially in harsh weather, and comes in a few flavors.  My favorite is the Yakima Valley Peppermint.  Super fresh and every time you breathe in, it's like ahhhhhh... yes!  I'm crazy, I know.  But a lot of people like this brand, because as the company states, the product contains no parabens, sulfates, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances or dyes.  Other flavors include: Black Plum & Fig and Coconut Almondine.  You can also find the Pomegranate & Fig if you do some research. :)
Another cool thing, if you send the company back your empty container, they'll refill it for you!

0.2 oz. $16 Buy Here

3.  Buffy by Lush

I'm going to straight up rave about this product, so be prepared.  I am a Lush ADDICT.  If you've never bought anything from them, beware, you will not stop once you do.  All of their beauty products are handmade, environmentally friendly, and just plain amazing.  This one in particular, I cannot get enough of.  This is the Buffy, one of their body butter products.  See, looks like butter instead of that jar stuff you're used to. You use this bar in the shower when your skin is wet to massage away dead skin, using ground rice, almonds, and beans in the bar.  You don't even have to lotion afterwards because the product is loaded with shea and cocoa butters. I've gone without and they are NOT shitting you, silky smooth baby!  But I still lotion because it's a habit and I have to get rid of my lotion stash somehow.  Fragrance?  There is a powerful herbal scent, but I got used to it because the product is that damn good.  After you towel off, the scent is actually nice.  They claim that it reduces cellulite, but as a professional, I'm here to tell you that's impossible with a bar of moisturizer.  Yes, it tightens the skin a bit.  Yes, it reduces bumps and the appearance of lumps (don't really like that word), but overall, I use it to get rid of dry skin.  And it's moisturizing bar, so be aware that it does tend to go fast as it melts in the shower.  Please don't keep it in a warm area. Yick. I put mine in a soap dish with a lid after I use it.

Now, why I'm hooked on this product... I suffer from eczema, and I work really hard to keep it at bay, but in the winter... fuck my life.  I swear to all that is holy, I have tried everything from Aveeno to oatmeal masks to ungodly expensive prescription crap that never works, and this is the first thing I've found that actually lives up to my needs.  It's a little pricey, but it's worth it if you think about all the stuff you normally buy if you have eczema.  You can get it in 2 different sizes.

3.3 oz. $11.95 or 7.0 oz. for $22.95 Buy Here

4. LaSource Hand Therapy from Crabtree & Evelyn

I work with my hands a lot, as do most of us, but some more than others.  Sometimes I suffer cracks in my skin, especially on the tips of my fingers from washing my hands, working with chemicals. The list goes on. I, like many others, have tried lotion after lotion, creams, and everything in between to cure myself of the ache in my hands during the dry winter season. Crabtree and Evelyn have some of the most fantastic body products out there.  This is why I finally turned to them, after the suggestion of some friends and coworkers as well, and discovered this amazing hand therapy concoction by LaSource (one of C&E collaborators).  Comes in an aluminum tube, old school, and skinny.  Nice for purses and backpacks or to keep in the desk drawer.  Ultra penetrating for those cracks and dry patches and lasts for a long time.  It's thick, but not greasy and I'm not rubbing it all over my clients every time I do a service or sticking to papers when I touch them.  It lasts me a couple of hand washes and the scent doesn't burn my dry skin and it's not obnoxious.  Think clean and fresh.  A little dab will do ya, trust me on this.  Amazing!

1.8 oz. $13  Buy Here

5.  Amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask

I got this product as a sample in my Birchbox a few months back.  If you have no idea what that is  then click the link above and enjoy.  Anyway, I have long hair, not too thick, but there is still quite a bit of it.  Plus I color and always have a hard time finding a mask that soothes those crazy ends afterwards.  This hit the spot.  I rave on again...

I can't stand hair masks that are so thick, I have to wash them out twice.  Amika's product was not the case.  It was amazing!  For those of you who don't know about masks, they're treatments to 'repair' damage from color, heat, the elements, etc.  They provide nourishment for you hair between your daily routine.  How I use: Put a quarter sized amount in your hand, run it through your hair to the ends, NOT at the root.  That will leave you greasy. lol  I usually put a shower cap on or get ghetto and wrap my hair up in saran wrap.  Turn the dryer on low, heat your hair up for a few minutes and rinse it all out with cool water.  Silky soft folks!  Not only that, but we decided to test the product out on Dan, who does have curly hair, and he loved it too.  He didn't even have to put anything in his hair afterwards.  No frizz! Yay!  The scent is something like baby powder, but not disgustingly so.  Just right and oh so nourishing.  I use this now at least once a week and haven't really had to straighten my hair all that much.  AH-MAZING.  Less heat damage makes Night a happy girl.  I recommend trying out the 60 ml to start.  If you become as hooked as I am, then you can order the 500 ml tub and rock out.

60 ml $12 Buy Here

6. Coochy Cream

Oh my God, is she serious?  Coochy Cream!  Yes boys and girls, this is the answer to everything. LOL.  If you've never heard of this product then you can thank me after we're done here.  You boys sitting there with your mouth hanging open, completely disgusted, don't let the name throw you... it's for guys too.

I give you the ultimate shave cream.  As I said before, I have the most sensitive skin ever.  So one night, at this God awful excuse for a sex toy party, I was given this as part of my goodie bag.  I took it home, scared shitless that I was going to break out.  Normally, I get my legs waxed.  OUCH.  In secrecy, I decided to try it out.  After that night, I never looked back.  No bumps.  No dry skin.  No ouchie red marks in the morning or irritation from fabric rubbing against me.  It was just... a miracle!  When a man comments on how smooth your legs are, let's just say that seals the deal.

I don't like fragrance in my shave creams, so this was perfect.  No scent.  No dye.  Buy this!  Go with the 16 oz pump for the shower.  It's a great deal and usually runs you about $10-$15.  Most sex toy shops have it, but if you don't have one near you, Amazon, and many other online retailers carry it.

7. One Minute Manicure

I deal with peoples hands on a daily basis, and one product I always recommend to my clients is One Minute Manicure.  Shake up the little bottle and pour out a dime sized amount.  The sea salt will have mixed with the oil, giving you a nice scrub for your cuticles.  Especially in the winter, when you have dry skin, cracks, and problems everywhere with your nails.  This will rub away the dry pieces around your nail and moisturize your cuticles between manicures.  Tip:  Spend the money every few months and get a manicure.  It does make a difference, even if you don't wear polish.  Boys, I have plenty of male clients.  Don't be shy.  We love having you there, and respect a man that gives a shit.

3 oz.  $9.95 Buy Here 

8.  OPI Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengther, Matte

This is a great product for both guys and gals.  The  matte finish leaves no shine, so you can be discrete about using it if you're not into the glossy look.  Protects and nourishes nails from chipping, and strengthens them. I recommend this to a lot of clients.  OPI does have a peeling and chipping formula, but I still think the original Nail Envy does the job for everyone.  Most of my clients experience the cracks, chips, peels, etc, this time of year.  This is perfect and well worth the money.  If it does indeed become a little thick after using a few times, head down to the local beauty supply and grab a polish thinner for a few bucks.  You can use it with any polish and get more product use for your money.  You can find this wherever OPI is sold or online at most beauty retailers. Price: $14-$17

9.  Johnson's Baby Oil Cream

While I love lotion and body butters, Johnson's Baby Oil Cream has been the best thing for my skin that I've found yet.  Don't let the rich, creamy texture description fool you, it's actually quite light as far as oil based creams go.  No grease and just right, it leaves your skin baby soft after you get out of the shower.  Normally I hate the smell of cocoa butter, but there's only a light hint of it after you rub it in.  Smells pretty good actually.  Love this stuff!!

$3.75-$5 at most drugstores or grocery stores.

10.  Mary Kay Satin Lips Lip Mask

Do you have cracked dry lips?  Well, I have a solution for you. LOL.  I'm lame.  I know.  Anyway, the Satin Lips Mask is great.  It gently exfoliates your lips with tiny beads, getting rid of dry skin.  You have to follow up with some type of lip balm, and MK offers a set with the mask and the balm, but any moisturizer will do.  I keep one of these in my purse.  Yeah, again, I'm crazy, and completely unafraid to put a mask on my lips in the bathroom, anytime, anywhere.  But you know those times where you can't even put on chapstick without looking like a nerd because of the cracks in your lips?  :D  Then this is for you.  Unscented.  Hypoallergenic.  Everyone wins!!

.3 oz.  $9.50 Buy Here

Now I know some of these products are a little pricier than the typical drugstore variety, but I'm not telling you to buy them all at once, or all of them period.  These are only suggestions from my massive product collection at home.  If you've used quality products before, you know what a lasting difference they make in your daily routine and some of you may not get introductions to products new to you, which is why I thought this would be cool to share.  If you guys enjoyed this post, found something you liked, or have any questions, let me know.  I could do more of these posts if you're interested.  :)  Thanks for letting me talk skin care with you today!!  I'm kind of beauty nut.  ;)  Have a great day everyone!!



  1. I enjoy posts like this. I especially zeroed in on the Buffy and the lip product, but they all sound interesting. I distrust most beauty product claims and there are so many products I usually end up confused and buy nothing rather than waste my money, so hearing recommendations from someone I know who has actual experience with them helps me out. It may not work as well for me, but at least I know it works for a real person somewhere. :D Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I've found some new products I will be trying out!

  3. Great post. And yes my beauty, you are a nut. hahaha. Sorry, I need to sleep. What I like best about this post is the honest facts about the pricey products. You are not trying to sell me anything therefore I can trust your info. I am standoffish about forking over lots of money for a product if I am not going to like it. Added to that I really hate sales people. Something funny that I thought of with this post is that I never get my hands done. I get my feet done like clockwork but never my hands. I think I shall change that. Certainly next month I will get one for the Black Veil Brides concert. Have to look good for Andy Bierback. MMMM tasty man. :o)

    Sort of somewhat related to your post... Yesterday Wendy Williams had one of those give the audience gifts whatever you want to call it things and she gave away 6 months of Birch boxes. I was very jealous. Good part of that was that mom was watching with me. Could possibly score for my birthday since I have alredy used up all the "but mom its Christmas" arguments. Thanks again for the helpful post.

  4. I have been a total tomboy my whole life, and finally at the age of 30, I have been trying to find skin care products and actually use them. This list was super helpful. Thanks Night.

  5. I really like these posts. I get a chance to check out products I would otherwise never know existed. I love winter but it doesn't love me back. My skin and hair get horribly dry so I'm always looking for new products. Many thanks.

    Between shopping for myself and my bestie who has eczema, I have gone broke in Lush. I am in love with their moisturizers. My only complaint about Buffy is it goes way too fast but boy does it feel good.

  6. Thank you, night. I have the driest skin imaginable so I can't wait to try some of these.

  7. I have mild to moderate eczema. I've found that pure coconut oil mixed with eucerin pretty much eliminated it and I smelled like a coconut cookie. And my skin seriously feels like silk. Its a bit greasy as it absorbs but you're still soft 18 hours later.

  8. Mary Kay Satin Lips is the best!!! I've used it for ages, and one tube last a long time. Great post!

  9. Love this! Thanks for putting fragrance descriptions in there...I am *super* sensitive to smell so finding good stuff can be a challenge. Nice!!